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Thermal anemometer

Air speed is a value which may be of importance in many areas. The focus here is on values in a ventilation duct, but it also makes sense to carry out an air speed measurement inside rooms. Here is where the use of a Testo Anemometer is the ideal solution.

Measuring airflow – thermal anemometer in use

Anemometers may also be refered to as wind speed meter. However, it is not just a case of using it to measure wind velcity, it can also record the volume flow. Therefore, many anemometers have an integrated flow meter. The air flow velocity and the volume flow inside rooms both have an influence on the indoor air quality. Regular measurement is all the more important, because many different influencing factors are involved, which are in most cases, impossible to detect immediately.

Interested in a thermal anemometer? The following features are extremely useful:

  • timed mean value calculation

  • combination of temperature, flow, and volume flow measurement

  • hold functions

Thermal anemometers from Testo

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Measuring velocity – the influence of air flow on indoor air quality

The measurement of air flow is not only an interesting factor in terms of finding out more about the ambient conditions. The anemometers are now also more frequently used indoors. In this context, it is referred to as a thermal anemometer.

The vane anemometer is very commonly used in this area. This instrument has a probe head which can be employed to measure the airspeed and volume flow. Testo offers anemometers which can read temperatures of up to 284°F, while continuing to carry out accurate measurements.

Wind measurement is carried out with an anemometer inside rooms when there are uncertainties about the air flow and temperature. This may be caused by structural defects or leaky windows. In some cases, the flows are so small that they cannot always be immediately identified. However, they can be quickly detected by using an instrument as sensitive as an anemometer.

Testo Thermal Anemometers feature the following advantages:

  • indoor velocity measurement

  • volume flow measurements

  • air temperature measurement

  • analysis and image documentation

Thermo anemometer with smartphone connection

Nowadays, it may be particularly helpful to use an anemometer featuring a smartphone connection. This makes analysis of the values considerably easier. You can order a thermal anemometer with smartphone operation from Testo.

The model is able to measure volume flow and temperature, as well as velocity. The measuring values are then sent to an App. This enables you to obtain the values directly and analyze them, as well as compare them to other measurements.

A flow meter or a wind speed meter that has smartphone connectivity ensures that it is easier to measure in ventilation ducts in particular. The testo Smart App whichis FREE, and easy to use with its intuitive user interface.

Buying a Testo Anemometer

If you want to buy a air flow meter, you will find a selection of different models at Testo. Classic anemometers for the measurement of air flows are also included, along with pure flow meters or combination instruments, which can also be used to measure temperatures.

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