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Functions of the Testo thermal imagers

testo SuperResolution

A revolutionary technology

testo SuperResolution technology is always sought when you need the greatest possible detail in the images for your professional thermographic analysis.

The thermal imager's infrared images have a considerably higher resolution and greater detail. And importantly: testo SuperResolution technology always records genuine temperature measuring values – there are no artificial intermediate values projected!

This means testo SuperResolution offers the option of recording more temperature measurement values with the thermal imager – without the need for larger and more expensive detectors.

testo SuperResolution in building thermography

In building thermography, testo SuperResolution technology is ideally suited to fast and easy detection of building damage. In addition, energy losses in the heating or air conditioning of buildings can be analyzed using high-resolution thermal images. The high level of detail in the image makes inadequate insulation, resulting heat losses or construction defects clearly visible. Leakages can also be displayed precisely in the thermal image using testo SuperResolution technology.