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SuperResolution - Upgrade for Testo thermal imagers

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  • Increased detail provides a more accurate image, eliminating guesswork of measurements
  • No additional hardware needed
  • Real temperature measurement values – no artificial intermediate values
  • Easily upgraded through software using a download key
  • SuperResolution technology quadruples the image resolution by one detector class, providing a fourfold increase in registered temperature points.

    The patent-pending SuperResolution technology improves the thermal image quality of images taken with a Testo thermal imager by a downloadable software based upgrade. With SuperResolution, thermal images will show 4x higher resolution, and quadruple the number of recorded temperature points, ensuring high detail thermal images when viewed through IRSoft.

    Using a pixel shift technology based on natural hand movement, SuperResolution will easily display smaller image points, even if the images were captured from a larger distance. The SuperResolution upgrade is available for the Testo thermal imager series 870, 875, 875i, 882, 885 and 890.

    SuperResolution in building thermography

    In building thermography, SuperResolution technology is well suited to for detection of construction defects or building faults. Energy losses in buildings’ heating or air conditioning systems become clearly visible and can be analyzed with the help of the high-resolution thermal images. The high level of SuperResolution detail in the image will show details of construction defects or heat losses due to poor insulation. Water seepage and leaks can also be precisely located in the thermal image using Testo SuperResolution technology.

    SuperResolution in industrial thermography

    SuperResolution technology shines in the industrial maintenance applications, and detailed high resolution image helps in early detection of hidden damage in production related plant components. Looking at mechanical components, thermal irregularities (e.g. due to friction or incorrect adjustment) can indicate an elevated level of stress, an important factor in preventive maintenance.

    Whats Included: SuperResolution download key

    Software upgrade SuperResolution.