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Frying oil measurement technology from Testo:

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Perfectly fried: Measurement technology is your key to outstanding quality

For food service operators, frying oil is everything – it makes all the difference, both for the quality of the dishes and for the taste. To ensure this and also keep an eye on costs, precise monitoring of the oil condition is essential. This is exactly where the testo 270 frying oil tester comes into play: This intuitive tool has you covered, by clearly indicating when it's time to change the oil. So you always have quality and costs under control!

What the TPM content says about the quality of the frying oil

The TPM value increases with the life of the oil.

9 – 14% TPM: The oil is suitable for culinary use.*

14 – 20% TPM: Optimum frying range.*

From 24% TPM: The frying oil is no longer suitable for consumption.*

*Values ​​may vary depending on process, oil type and regional legislation.


  • Compact

  • Ergonomic design

  • Intuitive operation


  • Fast measurement results

  • LED color-coded alarm indicator

  • Limit values for TPM can be adjusted


  • Measures TPM and temperature

  • Easy to clean under running water (IP65)

  • Complex measurements, compactly simplified

Cooking oil tester

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