testo 465 - Tachometer kit

Order-Nr.  0563 0465

  • Extremely easy one-handed operation

  • Saves mean/max./min. values, as well as the last measuring value

  • Robust tachometer – thanks in particular to the protective case (SoftCase) supplied

  • Includes reflective markers

You can use the testo 465 tachometer for quick and easy rpm measurement on rotating parts, such as fans and shafts.


Product Description

Using the testo 465, rpm can be easily measured without contact. Simply attach a reflector to the object to be measured, and then point the visible, red light beam at the reflector and measure.

Delivery Scope

testo 465 tachometer incl. plastic transport case, SoftCase protective case, reflective markers, and batteries

Technical Data

rpm - Optical

Measuring range

1 to 99999 rpm


±0.02 % of mv


0.01 rpm (1 to 99.99 rpm)

0.1 rpm (100 to 999.9 rpm)

1 rpm (1000 to 99999 rpm)

General technical data

Display type


Display size