testo 6651 - Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

Order-Nr.  0555 6651

  • High-precision Testo humidity sensors with long-term stability (±1.7 % RH) can be ordered for the transmitter

  • Ethernet, relay and analog outputs enable optimum integration into individual automation systems

  • High-quality digital probes (can be ordered) and an intelligent calibration concept

  • Self-monitoring and an early warning function ensure high system availability

testo 6651 humidity/temperature transmitter for critical climate, accuracy up to ±1.7 %RH (depends on the probe), selectable signal outputs, optional display, optional ethernet module, optional relay, 2 analog outputs

Product Description

In combination with the testo 660x probe series, the testo 6651 temperature/humidity transmitter meets high demands. It is not possible to solve every measuring problem in air conditioning technology with “simple” temperature/humidity transmitters. We recommend you get the testo 6651 transmitter for special challenges. Combining it with the testo 660x probe series makes it the first choice when it comes to measurement in rooms and also ducts.

testo 6651 temperature/humidity transmitter: the wide range of fields of application

Stationary measurement of indoor climate conditions:
  • Monitoring of comfortable climate conditions
  • Museums
  • Storing hygroscopic substances
  • Storing electronic components
Stationary measurement of production climate conditions:
  • Drying processes/high-humidity processes
  • Food: processing cheese, ripening fruit, drying pasta, conditioning chambers for cold meats
  • Bio research
  • Mushroom cultivation
Note: Please keep in mind that you need an attachable probe to commission the transmitter.


Delivery Scope

testo 6651 temperature/humidity transmitter for critical climate applications with selectable signal outputs, optional display, optional Ethernet module and optional relay (depending on the configuration).