testo 300 kit 2 with printer - flue gas analyzer (O2, CO H2-compensated up to 8,000 ppm)

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  • Brz i jednostavan rad: intuitivni mjerni izbornici i brz odziv pametnog zaslona osjetljivog na dodir

  • Uključujući O2, CO H2 senzor koji prepoznaje do 8,000 čestica u minuti

  • Velike HD zaslon dijagonale od 5 inča – pregled svih mjernih vrijednosti sustava u jednom potezu

  • U setu: testo 300 uređaj za analizu dimnih plinova, uključujući O2 i CO H2 senzor koji prepoznaje do 8.000 čestica u minuti, jedinica napajanja, osnovna sonda za dimne plinove, rezervni filtri protiv prljavštine, Bluetooth®


Product Description

With this kit, you will be equipped for the most important measurements involving heating systems: the TÜV-tested testo 300 flue gas analyzer is supplied with O2 and CO H2-compensated sensor up to 8,000 ppm, basic flue gas probe, Bluetooth® printer, instrument bag and practical accessories.

Details on kit components

Delivery Scope

  • testo 300 flue gas analyzer with O2 and CO H2-compensated sensor up to 8,000 ppm (0633 3002 71)
  • USB mains unit, including cable (0554 1106)
  • Compact basic flue gas probe, 180 mm; Ø 6 mm; Tmax. 500°C; 1.5 m hose; including dirt filters and cone for fixing (0600 9740)
  • Spare dirt filters, compact probe; 10 off (0554 0040)
  • BLUETOOTH®/IRDA printer, including 1 roll of thermal paper and rechargeable battery (0554 0621)
  • Spare thermal paper for printer, indelible ink (0554 0568)
  • Free download EasyHeat PC software (0554 3332)
  • Instrument bag (0516 3001)

Technical Data


Further probes

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Instrument bag with carrying strap

Order Number: 0516 3001

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Measurement cells

NO sensor

Order Number: 0393 0151


Flue gas measurement on heating systems

Ideal for measurements involving heating systems:
  • high-quality sensors, smart-touch operation, clearly structured measurement menus, creation of documentation on site, e-mailing of reports, large HD display, robust housing
Further areas of application:
  • gas flow pressure measurement*, gas pipe test*, differential temperature measurement (flow and return temperature on heating systems)*, ambient CO measurement*, flue draught measurement on heating systems*
* Please note: additional probes or accessories are required for these measurements and have to be ordered separately.


kn 11699,00
sa PDV-om kn 14623,75