testo Smart Probes Refrigeration set - with smartphone operation

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  • Low refrigerant loss thanks to hose-free application

  • Quick and easy installation directly at the pressure connection

  • Easy refrigerant selection

  • Automatic calculation of the evaporation and condensation temperature via testo Smart Probes App

 testo Smart Probes Refrigeration는 에어컨 설치에서 뿐만 아니라 서비스 및  에어컨과 냉매 시스템에 문제 해결에 이상적입니다. 또한  견고한 테스토 스마트 케이스는 측정기를 편히라게 보관가능 합니다.


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제품 설명

This compact and easily transportable set contains the most important measuring instruments for refrigeration engineers: the testo 549i high-pressure measuring instrument and the testo 115i clamp thermometer (two of each).

Advantages of the testo Smart Probes Refrigeration set

The measuring instruments can be connected quickly and easily to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth for App-controlled servicing and troubleshooting on refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Operation of the measuring instruments is state-of-the-art and extremely easy. Both the testo 115i and the testo 549i can be set up quickly and easily, directly at the temperature measuring point or pressure connection. They also make working on widely spaced measuring points considerably easier thanks to wireless connection to a smartphone or tablet. Also practical: no hoses are required for measurements, meaning that no or only very little refrigerant is lost. The handy testo Smart Case enables the measuring instruments to be conveniently transported and ensures that they are always to hand when they are needed.

Practical App with special functions for measurement data analysis on your smartphone or tablet

Measurement data is transmitted wirelessly from the measuring instruments to the testo Smart Probes App and can be viewed conveniently on mobile terminal devices – either as a chart or in table form. The App also offers practical functions such as automatic calculation of evaporation and condensation temperatures, calculation of individual system parameters on air conditioning systems or measurement of the flow and return temperature. The measurement data log can be emailed directly as a PDF or Excel file. This saves you time, allowing you to further increase your efficiency.

System requirements:
  • iOS 8.3 or later
  • Android 4.3 or later
  • Bluetooth 4.0

상품 제공 시 포함

  • testo 115i 파이프 클램프 온도 측정기 2개
  • testo 549i 고압 게이지 측정기 2개
  • testo Smart 프로브 냉매 케이스

기술 데이터

기술 데이터


836.8 g


183 x 90 x 30 mm (testo 115i)

125 x 32 x 31 mm (testo 549i)

작동 온도

-20 ~ +50 °C

하우징 재질


시스템 요구

ios_8.3; 안드로이드_4.3; bluetooth_4.0

제품 색상


배터리 종류

AAA배터리3개 스마트 프로브

배터리 수명

150시간 (testo 115i); 250시간 (testo 549i)

압력 매체


보관 온도

-20 ~ +60 °C


NTC 센서 측정 범위

-40 ~ +150 °C

NTC 센서 정확도

±1.3 °C (-20 ~ +85 °C)

NTC 센서 분해능

0.1 °C

압력 측정값

압력 측정 범위

-1 ~ +60 bar

압력 정확도


압력 분해능

0.01 bar

압력 프로브 연결

7 / 16 inch - UNF

압력 과부하rel. (고압)

+65 bar



ISO 교정 성적서/온도

제품 번호: 0520 0072