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Verwarmde industriële voelersset

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€ 5.530,00 € 6.691,30
  • A high degree of measuring accuracy, even if the flue gas contains high concentrations of NO2 or SO2
  • Measurements in applications with flue gas temperatures of up to 600 °C
  • Short time needed to set up the heated industrial probe (ready for operation in 20 minutes maximum)
  • Very easy to handle
  • Verwarmde industriële rookgassondesset
    bestaat uit:
    - verwarmde slang tot 600 °C rookgastemperatuur
    - verwarmde gasmonsterslang, lengte 4 m
    - thermokoppel Type K, lengte 1,2 m

    A heated sampling system is necessary when the situation requires maximum measuring accuracy (e.g. if there are high concentrations of NO2 or SO2 in the flue gas) or if a heated system is a legal requirement in your country. A heated system prevents condensation of the flue gas being measured within the sampling system. Gaseous media are transported over short and long distances at constant temperature.

    For applications of this kind, which require heated sampling, we offer our heated industrial probe set for the extractive sampling of flue gas being analyzed. It can be used in combination with the testo 350 or testo 340. Easy to handle, the heated industrial probe set prevents condensate forming and prevents the temperature within the sampling system falling below the flue gas dewpoint.

    The heated sampling tube (600 °C) can be extended to a max. 3 m using optional extension tubes. The thermocouple (2.2m) can be added as an accessory to enable you to carry out simultaneous temperature measurement with a 2m long probe. You can also install an optional preliminary filter for measurements involving a high dust load.


    You can use the heated industrial probe set (in combination with the testo 350 or testo 340) for the following applications:

    • Emissions measurement to monitor prescribed limit values
    • Measurements on a variety of installations / trial set-ups in laboratories
    • Emissions check measurements within the flue gas cleaning system
    • Official emissions measurement (compliance testing, more information under the “Applications” tab)

    You can use other accessories to put together an application-specific sampling solution.

    The heated industrial probe set consists of the following components:

    • Heated probe shaft up to 600 °C flue gas temperature
    • Heated gas sampling hose
    • Thermocouple type K

    Algemene technische gegevens

    4310 g
    lengte voerlerbuis
    1.110 mm
    betalen behuizing
    2,6 m
    diameter pitotbuis
    25 mm
    max. temperatuur
    600 °C
    Product colour
    Zwart; silver


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