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testo 316-EX - Gas leak detector

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  • ATEX approval (94/9/EC)
  • ppm and vol.% display
  • Flexible probe for inaccessible areas
  • 3 different types of gas can be detected: methane, propane and hydrogen
  • The testo 316-EX gas leak detector helps you to detect gas leaks and ATEX protection means it can also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Gas verification and gas leak location can be carried out on gas pipes and installations both indoors and outdoors.
    When house owners notify the network operator or fitter hat they can clearly smell gas in the house, a highly explosive gas concentration may already be present (4–17%). The fitter has to use a gas detector with ATEX protection for the basic checking of sections of gas pipes for leaktightness or to locate the leak. Because you have to be sure in a hazardous situation that the gas measuring technology being used does not cause an explosion through its own potential ignition sources.

    The testo 316-EX gas leak detector offers this ATEX protection (ATEX approval 94/9/EC). Use the multi-range gas detector to detect methane, propane and hydrogen gases. The gas concentrations are measured in the ppm range with a semiconductor sensor and are shown on the display with a resolution of 1 ppm. Flexible measuring probes mean you can search for leaks even in inaccessible areas.

    testo 316-EX electronic gas leak detector with EX protection, including batteries, case, Allen key and calibration protocol.

    General technical data

    Operating humidity
    20 to 80 %RH (not condensed)
    Approx. 200 g
    Reaction time
    14 s t₉₀
    135 x 45 x 25 mm
    Operating temperature
    −10 to +40 °C
    Protection class
    94/9/EG (ATEX); EU-guideline 2014/30/EU
    Battery type
    2 AA mignon batteries
    Battery life
    to 10 h
    Battery feature
    Type permitted for use in areas with danger of explosion: Camelion Plus Alkaline LR6 (see order data, order no. 0515 0316)
    Storage temperature
    −10 to +50 °C
    II 2G EEx ib IIC T1 (Ex Zone 1)

    Methane (CH₄)

    Measuring range
    1 ppm to 2,5 Vol.% CH₄
    1 ppm / 0,1 Vol.%
    Lower response threshold
    1 ppm

    Gas leak detection on gas pipes in the heated environment

    When there is a smell of gas in a house, the network operator and/or installer is alerted by the occupant. If the smell of gas is detectable by the nose, a highly explosive concentration of gas (4 % - 17 %) may already be present. The installer now undertakes a basic check of gas pipe parts for leak-tightness or to locate the leak. However, the gas leak detector must have an ATEX protection in this hazardous situation. The term ATEX comes from the French abbreviation for “ATmosphère Explosive”. This is a directive which includes the specification of which structural requirements must be met by measurement systems which have their own potential ignition sources and so could cause an explosion.

    testo 316EX