Precise measurement technology for laboratories

Laboratories and Cleanrooms require precise measurement methods in order to be qualified according to their areas of application and quality requirements.Testo offers measurement technology and services which meet the strict requirements of a pharmaceutical environment.

Because according to the GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice), it is not only the uncompromising quality of the final product which must be guaranteed. During the process too, certain previously defined parameters must be adhered to. To do this, temperature monitoring in particular is essential in the different process steps. These are your measurement solutions for laboratories and cleanrooms:

  • Multifunction measuring instruments: combinable with different high-precision probes. Due to their high level of accuracy, they can even be used to test and calibrate stationary apparatus. 
  • Data loggers: ideal for the transport of sensitive substances and for monitoring process-relevant air conditioning parameters.
  • More portable measuring instruments: z.B. for pH measurement.

Whether you are producing in a validated or non-validated environment: Measuring instruments from Testo support you reliably in ensuring quality and adhering to standards.

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Your all-rounder for measurements in the laboratory: testo 400

Temperature measurement


Critical processes under control

With the high-precision immersion/penetration probe, testo 400 is your ideal temperature measuring instrument for laboratory applications:

  • High system accuracy up to +/-0.05 °C
  • Resolution of 0.001 °C
  • Intelligent calibration concept with zero-error display

Humidity measurement


High-precision humidity measurement

The testo 400 fulfils your quality requirements in critical processes with the digital humidity-temperature probe:

  • Parallel determination of relative air humidity and air temperature
  • Air humidity measurement with an accuracy of ± 0.6 %RH + 0.7 % of m.v.
  • Calculation of wet bulb temperature, dew point and absolute humidity

Flow measurement


Standard-compliant measurements in fume cupboards

With the digital laboratory extractor probe, testo 400 provides highly accurate results – and can be especially easily operated:

  • Standard-compliant measurement based on DIN EN 14175-3/-4
  • Automatic absolute pressure compensation
  • Adjustment function at up to 6 measurement points for zero error display

Measurements in cleanrooms


Measurement technology for cleanrooms

Cleanrooms require precise measurement methods in order to be qualified according to their areas of application and quality requirements. Measuring instruments and services from Testo support you in your processes.

Professional measurement technology for you

Surface and core temperature


Dust and watertight

The penetration/infrared thermometer testo 104-IR fulfils protection class IP 65. That means it is unaffected by dust and water jets:

  • Fast, non-contact measurement of the surface temperature thanks to 2-point laser measurement spot marker and 10:1 optics 
  • Exact measurement of core temperautre thanks to rigid penetration probe
  • Robust and practical: sturdy folding hinge, waterproof housing (IP 65)

Air temperature and humidity


Compliance with air conditioning standards

The thermohygrometer testo 608-H2 meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 7726. So that your indoor climate in cleanrooms reliably meets the requirements: 

  • Measurement uncertainty of max. +/- 2 %RH
  • Continuous measurement and display of temperature and relative humidity
  • Calculation and display of the dew point

pH value measurement


Monitoring laboratory processes

The pH temperature measuring instrument testo 206 supports you reliably in Quality Assurance: 

  • Maintenance-free, leak-proof and insensitive thanks to gel electrolyte
  • Robust and watertight with protective case (IP 68)
  • Available in three designs: for liquids, for semi-solid to ductile materials or for flexible measurement thanks to connectible probes

Transport monitoring


Ensuring product quality

The transport data logger testo 184 protects your sensitive freight. Because temperature and humidity limit values may not be exceeded on the way to the customers:

  • Temperature monitoring over the entire distribution route
  • All in one: Configuration file, PDF measurement data, calibration certificate & instruction manual directly in the logger
  • Automatic creation of a PDF report immediately after connection to a PC

Measurement technology, services and events

Full service for your laboratory

Testo Industrial Services ensures first-class laboratory quality

  • Qualification & Requalification
  • Measuring instrument - Calibration & Validation
  • Education & Training of your employees

Customized probes

Our standard probes do not meet your requirements? We develop customized probes for you:

  • Measuring range & Accuracy
  • Probe shaft lenght
  • Connection cables