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Flue gas analyzer

Flue gas measuring instruments have been among Testo’s bestsellers for decades. Still heavy and cumbersome 40 years ago, our flue gas analyzers today are compact and networked.

For every job on boilers and burners

Testo’s engineers work continually on the ongoing development of measuring instruments for smoke gas analysis, because it is only by carrying out regular servicing with a suitable flue gas measuring instrument that heating systems can run efficiently, emissions be reduced and you work even more easily.

A flue gas analyzer from Testo offers you

  • Reliable brand quality with over 60 years’ experience

  • Service and maintenance directly from the manufacturer

  • Extensive range of probes which often replace additional measuring instruments

All Testo measuring instruments for waste gas measurement

Your new flue gas analyzer from Testo

Flue gas analysis and heating system applications

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For flue gas measurements, there’s no alternative: the testo 300 NEXT LEVEL

Efficient, wireless measurement of up to four additional parameters in parallel, such as pressure and temperature. Featuring a practical second screen and intuitive operation – it really couldn’t be easier.

Save valuable time by carrying out simple, intuitive documentation on site and sending measurement data by e-mail via the testo Smart App. Discover the benefits of easy data integration into your in-house software via QR code – fewer transmission errors, less paperwork, less stress. Discover the advantages of easy data integration into your company's own software using a QR code - fewer transmission errors, less paperwork, less stress.

Find out more about wireless parallel measurements in record time!

testo 310 II - Flue gas analysis the easy way

The flue gas analyser combines simple functions and measuring accuracy - perfect for all basic measurements on the heating system.

The flue gas analyzer testo 310 II offers you

  • Simultaneous, individual measurement and display of all relevant measurement parameters. Display configurable via the testo Smart App.

  • Simultaneous, additional measurements via the testo Smart App (e.g. gas flow pressure, flow and return temperature)

  • Easy and intuitive menu guidance

The Testo pro tips for fine particle and emission measurement

The measurement of flue gas or combustion process parameters (such as CO in ppm) is a complex challenge – for the measurement technology as well as for the user. This is because, in addition to the “classical” tasks such as commissioning and servicing of all types of heating systems, special jobs also occur. These require not only special know-how, but also special measuring technology. And of course you can rely on Testo for these challenges, too.

Other measuring instruments for heating systems, heat pumps and flue gas

In addition to the most important exhaust gas parameters such as temperature, draught, pressure, O2, CO, CO2 or NO, other measurement tasks also occur on heating systems. And whether you need a leak detector or measuring instruments for CO2 measurement – you’ll find them at Testo. Here is a small selection of our highlights:

testo Smart App

Welcome to the testo Smart World: The whole world in one App.

Faster, easier, smarter: The testo Smart App brings all tools and measurements together - and documentation can also be dealt with conveniently using a smartphone or tablet. Benefit from intelligent connectivity and the unique all-in-one solution for all applications. So that not only the jobs on all heating systems are carried out smartly and effortlessly.

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Data transfer

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Second Screen

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