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Minimalistic design.

Maximum control.

Monitoring system testo 160

Always on guard: Alarm functions in cases of limit value violations

Depending on the condition and material composition of the exhibited artwork, you can set specific limit values for the stresses caused by environmental influences.

  • Temperature & humidity

  • Lux & UV radiation

  • CO₂  & air pressure

In cases of a limit value violation, individually adaptable alarm notification options by SMS or e-mail are available. For light intensity, an alarm can also be triggered if the accumulated light quantity within a day, a week or a month exceeds a limit value.

Individually designable housing covers

Blend into the background

  • Simply fit onto the logger

  • Deco-cover can be painted or decorated

  • Loggers remain in the background, full attention is on your works/artefacts

Connectable external probes

Monitoring in glass display cases

  • Ideal for glass display cases in which a logger cannot be placed

  • Sensors for °C, %RH, Lux, mW/m2

  • Also for air conditioned cases

The Testo Cloud

Everything in view all the time

  • Simply transfer measurement values by wireless LAN to the online store

  • Call up data at any time

  • Via normal browser