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Leak detector

Would you like to reduce the costs of generating compressed air in your company?

Within the scope of ISO 14001 or ISO 50001, would you like to ensure optimal use of your compressed air and to minimize losses in your system due to leakages which result in unnecessarily high energy costs?

If so, the Testo leak detectors can help you.

The leak detectors will help you locate even small leaks in your compressed air system quickly and easily, so that these can be rectified.

Studies show that leakages are responsible for consuming 25 to 40 % of the compressed air generated. So there is huge potential for savings in every compressed air system.

  • With the testo Sensor LD basic or testo Sensor LD pro, you can easily detect these leaks and document the losses.

  • With the testo Sensor LD pro, the losses can also be displayed as a monetary value and documented in a report using the software supplied. This will enable you to prioritize processing and document energy savings.

  • Whether you’re looking to save costs or need to document your energy optimization for an audit, Testo’s compressed air leak detectors are the perfect tools for you.

How exactly do they work?

The compressed air that escapes from the leaks generates noise in the ultrasonic range. The leak detectors can detect these acoustic signals from several metres away and convert them into a signal that is audible to the human ear. Moreover, the location of the leak is visually indicated.

With leak detectors from Testo, detecting leaks and saving energy is no longer a problem.

Overview of leak detectors