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Flue gas analysers for industry

Emissions analysis for industry often needs to be carried out in extreme conditions, involving high temperatures, high humidity or a high dust content in the flue gas, for example. Emission measurements are taken in resource- and energy-intensive processes, during which large quantities of emissions such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOX) or sulphur dioxide (SO2) are produced.

With a number of exhaust gas probes, sensors and special options such as automatic dilution or Peltier gas preparation, the exhaust gas analysers from Testo were specially developed for extreme demands. Emission analyser applications are included in industrial areas such as co-generation plants, boiler plants, metal works, gas turbines, engines and mining. A testo emission analyser is designed to withstand the intense conditions of these environments and to help you take accurate readings throughout.

A industrial emissions analyser from Testo offers you:

  • Numerous measurement parameters: O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, CO2, H2S

  • Extensive selection of probes

  • Fast access to sensors and wearing parts

  • Measurement data management via software

Testo emission analysers for portable, industrial emission measurement


When analysing the burner’s behaviour, the focus of attention is often on fuel supply, atomisation, control behaviour and emissions values.

Flue gas analysers can be used to analyse all relevant gases and adjust the combustion process to achieve the best possible ratio of fuel to combustion air volume.

Further information about industrial emission measurement

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Industrial emissions analysis with Testo: professional and reliable.

Flue gases contain, among others CO2, CO, oxides or soot particles. These pollute the environment, have a negative effect on the climate and conceal numerous health risks for human beings. Industrial emissions analysis with professional emissions analysers from Testo helps to make combustion processes more efficient, to optimise thermal processes, and above all, to reduce emissions.

  • Protecting the atmosphere by minimising pollution

  • The most efficient use of energy possible

  • Adherence to prescribed pollutant levels per exhaust gas volume and energy loss

Practical Guide

Industrial Flue Gas Analysis

This comprehensive reference guide offers you practical tips and tricks relating to emissions measurements.

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