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testo 550i - App-controlled digital manifold with Bluetooth and 2-way valve block

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£ 160.00 £ 192.00
  • All activities, from measurement through to documentation, using the testo Smart App on your Smartphone
  • The smallest digital manifold on the market
  • Maximum reliability thanks to the extremely robust housing with IP54 protection class
  • Optionally expandable with testo Smart Probes for temperature, humidity and vacuum
  • The testo 550i app-controlled digital manifold with Bluetooth ®, 2-way valve block and sturdy hook offers extensive measurement technology in an exceptionally compact format. Use this extremely robust manifold to carry out your everyday work on refrigeration and air conditioning systems and heat pumps wirelessly, with ease and reliability. All using the testo Smart App on your smartphone or tablet.
    From the measurement itself through to the documentation – thanks to the app, you can have your everyday servicing and maintenance work on your smartphone or tablet. The testo 550i digital manifold is equipped with Bluetooth, 2-way valve block and a sturdy hook, and can be fully controlled via app and smartphone or tablet – for flexible, fast measurements and digital documentation.

    testo 550i – App-controlled digital manifold with Bluetooth and 2-way valve block

    • For carrying out exceptionally fast, easy measurements on refrigeration and air conditioning systems and heat pumps
    • testo Smart App: Control your servicing and maintenance tasks completely via app and smartphone or tablet, enjoy clearly presented results and digital documentation, set your own favourites, and always have the latest refrigerants
    • Maximum reliability and convenient handling in environments that are difficult to access thanks to an exceptionally compact, extremely robust housing with IP54 protection class
    • Maximum flexibility for working wirelessly: Bluetooth probes for temperature, pressure and humidity automatically connect to the measuring instrument via the testo Smart App
    • Continuously high performance in all conditions: You can depend on this manifold from Testo – it combines proven Testo quality with excellent robustness

    testo 550i digital 2-way manifold including batteries (3 x AAA), calibration protocol and instruction manual.
     Testo has put together the practical testo 550i Smart Kit for you – so you’ll be optimally equipped to tackle your measuring tasks right away.

    General technical data

    595 g
    77 x 109 x 63 mm
    Operating temperature
    -10 to +50 °C
    Protection class
    System requirements
    requires iOS 12.0 or newer; requires Android 6.0 or newer; requires mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0
    Product colour
    Battery type
    3 AAA micro batteries
    Battery life
    130 h
    Data transfer
    Radio range
    150 m
    Refrigerants in instrument
    R407H; R23; R290; R1234yf; R442A; R134a; R123; R452B; R438A; R421A; R453a; R401B; R1233zd; R410A; R407A; R407C; R452A; R401A; R422C; R427A; R422B; R424A; R125; R414B; R404A; R408A; R448A; R422D; R12; R114; R421B; R449A; R409A; R420A; R444B; R32; R454A; R124; R402A; R450A; R407F; R416A; R13; R437A; R1234ze; R454B; R402B; R22; R434A; R454C; R455A; R458A; R500; R502; R503; R507; R513A; R600a; R718 (H₂O); R744 (CO₂)
    Refrigerants update via App
    R11; FX80; I12A; R1150; R1270; R13B1; R14; R142B; R152A; R161; R170; R227; R236fa; R245fa; R401C; R406A; R407B; R407D; R41; R411A; R412A; R413A; R417A; R417B; R417C; R422A; R426A; R508A; R508B; R600; RIS89; SP22
    Storage temperature
    -20 to +60 °C
    * when not connected via Bluetooth

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          • Refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, heat pumps

            • Determination of high and low pressure, automatic determination of condensation and evaporation temperature and calculation of superheating/subcooling. All the results can be read simultaneously on one display (in conjunction with the appropriate Testo Smart Probes)
            • Tightness test: Recording and analysis of the pressure curve
            • Automatic calculation of the target superheat (in conjunction with the testo Smart App and the appropriate Testo Smart Probes, e.g. testo 115i and testo 605i)
            • Evacuation: Graphic progression display of the measurement with indication of the start and differential value (in conjunction with the appropriate Testo Smart Probe, e.g. testo 552i vacuum probe)
            Application testo 550i