12" flue gas probe, 1/4" diameter, Tmax = 932 °F, with hose

Order-Nr.  0600 9741

  • Easy probe shaft replacement via quick-change click system

  • Flue gas path and temperature channel can be connected to the instrument via a bayonet lock

  • Integrated dirt filter protects instrument and sensors

  • Integrated thermocouple probe for temperature measurements up to 932 °F

This 12" modular flue gas probe has a 1/4" diameter, Tmax = 932 °F, and 4.9' hose.

Product Description

This TÜV-tested modular flue gas probe with a 12" long probe shaft features a quick-change click system on the handle, which enables easy replacement of the probe shaft.  The thermocouple is NiCr-Ni, which is integrated in the probe shaft, enabling temperature measurements up to 932 °F.  The flue gas path and temperature channel can be conveniently connected to the measuring instrument via a practical bayonet lock.  In addition, a dirt filter protects the instrument and its sensors from contamination.


Delivery Scope

12" modular flue gas probe, including dirt filter, cone for attachment, NiCr-Ni thermocouple with Tmax = 932 °F, and 4.9' hose
General technical data

Length probe shaft

11.811 in. / 300 mm

Cable length

4.921 ft. / 1.5 m

Diameter probe shaft

0.236 in. / 6 mm

Product colour


Temperature maximum

932 °F / 500 °C


0.2 in. / 6 mm


12.84 oz. / 364 g

Test Fußnote


Probe stop

Order Number: 0554 9010

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