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Air flow grid - for supply air diffusers

8721 0025
$ 704.65
  • Volume flow measurement on large supply air diffusers, HEPA filters and safety cabinets in cleanrooms
  • The telescope makes it possible to carry out measurements on high ceiling diffusers
  • Ideal for large surface areas
  • Air flow grid dimensions: 360 x 360 mm
  • The air flow grid (in conjunction with the appropriate measuring instrument) is your ideal measurement solution for determining flow velocity and volume flow on laminar flow supply air diffusers.
    Use the air flow grid to carry out accurate measurements on laminar flow supply air outlets. Use in conjunction with a differential pressure measuring instrument (e.g. testo 420, testo 480 or testo 435-4) to calculate flow velocity and volume flow. 

    The air flow grid (360 x 360 mm) can be used over a large area and is particularly suitable for carrying out measurements on HEPA filters and safety cabinets in cleanrooms.

    Particularly useful: you can also use the screw-on telescope (can be extended to 1800 mm) to carry out volume flow measurements on high ceiling diffusers. 

    • Air flow grid (surface area approx. 360 x 360 mm) - for volume flow measurements on supply air diffusers
    • Telescope with spherical head (1800 mm long)
    • 2 silicone-free connection hoses (2000 mm long)
    • Transport bag