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Combined heat and power plants (CHP) are used for the central production of electricity and heat. These plants are used in agriculture, apartments, Institution and universities, industrial complexes, municipal utilities and large energy suppliers.

In order for CHP plants to be operated economically, other basic requirements met be met.

  • Monitoring and reporting of the emission permit(s)
  • Checking and inspecting engine efficiency
  • Correctly configuring the relations between ignition timing, excess air etc. of the engine
  • Testing and documentation of exhaust gas treatment systems

The Challenge

The emission analyzer testo 350 at 2G Energy

Combined heat and power plants are often reciprocating internal combustion engines (RICE). During this process, air surplus, fuel pressure, engine setting and ambient temperature or humidity can have a significant effect on the emissions. These effects must be considered when optimizing or adjusting the engine and maintaining a minimum emission level.

If the wrong adjustment is performed due to a bad emission reading, it can have negative consequences:

  • Misfiring
  • Mechanical knocking
  • Increased temperature in the engine components and operating materials
  • Increased wear
  • Higher service and repair costs

The Solution: testo 350 Portable Emission Analyzer

The emission analyzer testo 350

The  testo 350 has application-specific setting that adapt automatically for a Lean Burn or Rich Burn engine ( λ ≤ 1 or λ > 1 engines).  In combination with the high velocity sampling and proven Peltier gas conditioner, the testo 350 provides highly accurate measurement values in the shortest possible time.   With these emission values the technician can make engine adjustment to:

  • Reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%
  • Increased engine life
  • Lower maintenance costs thanks to monitoring of mechanical wear
  • Document quality of service work

Reference – 2G Energy AG

The emission analyzer testo 350 at 2G Energy AG

How is the efficient operation of a CHP plant guaranteed with the emission analyzer testo 350? Find out more from the practical example of 2G Energy AG.

Download: Reference report 2G Energy AG

The Alternative: testo 340 Emission Measuring Instrument

The emission analyzer testo 340

The testo 340 is the low-cost alternative with very precise measurement technology and an especially robust design. For highly accurate results in measurements without gas preparation.

The advantages:

  • Self-cleaning effect in the special Teflon-lined sampling hose: This assures the condensate and dirt particles do not stick to the sampling hose
  • Flexible operation: the hose extension (up to 25 feet) means you can see and operate the instrument even when the probe is high in the exhaust stack
  • The dilution system allows high concentrations of CO up to 50,000 ppm
  • It can be used in biogas applications with the SO2 and H2S sensors

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The emission analyzer testo 350 in application

Download the most important information for engine testing and tuning now:
  • Emission development (Lambda)
  • Optimum engine adjustment

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