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Power generation

Better to play it safe.

For energy and utility companies, security of supply, and trouble-free operation, is a top priority. Whether in generation, transmission, or distribution of electrical energy. Whether in generation, transmission, or distribution of electrical energy.

Thermography for reliable power distribution and power generation

Most failures due to malfunction, wear, or material fatigue are preceded by thermal anomalies. Thermographic inspection with thermal imagers (infrared thermography) of these anomalies enable reliable and simple assessment of the thermal condition of components on high-voltage installations, e.g. transformers, substations and overhead lines.

Preventive maintenance with thermal imagers:

Measurements using thermal imagers can be carried out during operation and from a safe distance. Critical electrical and mechanical components or connections are tested. Measurements can be taken rapidly, in the event of conspicuous anomalies, in order to minimize failure and safety risks.

Power distribution systems

Thermographic inspection – to ensure smooth operation

Assess heating on disconnectors and circuit breakers from a safe distance

How it works in practice:

Application examples and customer references.

Testing high-voltage plants with testo Thermal Imagers.

Application example

Thermography of distant objects.

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testo 883 Thermal Imager demonstrates its versatility at badenovaWÄRMEPLUS GmbH & Co. KG

To the customer reference

Best image quality and interchangeable lenses.

With testo Thermal Imagers, you won't miss a thing. Thanks to high resolution and manual focus, every thermal image is razor-sharp, and with exchangeable lenses, you discover every anomaly, even from greater distances.

testo 883 Thermal Imager

  • Infrared resolution of 320 x 240 pixels - expandable to 640 x 480 pixels with integrated testo SuperResolution technology

  • Manual focus and telephoto lens

  • Second screen function with testo Thermography App

testo 868s Thermal Imager

  • Infrared resolution of 640 x 480 pixels - expandable to 1280 x 960 pixels with integrated testo SuperResolution technology

  • Manual focus, autofocus and SuperTele lens

  • Rotatable and tiltable display, ergonomic adjustable grip


IFOV calculator for Testo Thermal Imaging Cameras

The FOV calculator shows you quickly and easily how small the measurement object can be in order to be detected (IFOV geo) and reliably measured (IFOV meas) at the selected distance.

To the calculator

Smallest detectable object (IFOVgeo)

Smallest Measurable Object (IFOVmeas)

Size of field of view (FOV)



Distance of the thermal imaging camera to the measured object

Other advantages of testo Thermal Imagers

testo IRSoft Image Analysis Software

Use testo IRSoft to generate professional reports quickly and easily – or use the software’s report designer to create customized templates specific to your own requirements. The software can be downloaded free of charge and without a license.

License-free download

testo Thermography App – Smart and networked

With the testo Thermography App you can easily share images from your smartphone or tablet

testo Thermography App

Keeping limit values safely in view

The hot spot function immediately displays the hottest spot in the image. In addition, points that exceed defined limits can be highlighted in color using the alarm function.

Intuitive operation

With touch display and Testo joystick

Fold-out display and rotatable handle

The rotatable, fold-out display and the ergonomic handle allow measurements in difficult-to-access places.

Super-telephoto lens

6.6° x 5° super-telephoto lens:

  • Small field of view for maximum resolution

  • Ideal for measurements on objects that are far away, such as power lines

  • Easy to handle: no additional lens holder needed

Power generation

Maintenance of mechanical components

Heat generation in mechanical components in power-generating plants may indicate an elevated level of stress. This is caused, for example, by friction, faulty alignment, component tolerances, or a lack of lubricant.

The main advantage of infrared measurement: it is non-contact, and can be performed during operation at a safe distance.

Thermography for reliable power distribution and power generation