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Monitoring ambient conditions

easily & reliably with testo Saveris 2.

Automated monitoring of readings with testo Saveris 2 – overview of the areas of application

Frozen pizzas, vaccines, or artwork: the testo Saveris 2 automatic temperature and humidity monitoring system ensures the quality and value preservation of delicate commodities in supermarkets, pharmacies, and even museums. You can monitor at any time and from any location with the flexible, cloud-based testo Saveris 2 Wi-Fi data logger system.

Saveris 2 product brochure

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Storage of pharmaceuticals

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Saveris 2 in the food sector

Food production

  • Continuous monitoring along the entire production chain.

Food outlets

  • Safeguarding the quality of food.

Bakers & butchers

  • Monitoring all refrigerated points with no running costs.

Restaurants & catering

  • Monitoring food temperature and relative humidity.

Saveris 2 in other sectors

Pharmacies and hospitals

  • Maintaining statutory storage conditions for drugs.

Server rooms

  • Increasing availability and reducing downtimes.

Facility management

  • Monitoring work, storage, production and indoor climate

Museums and archives

  • Protecting exhibits from damage due to incorrect ambient conditions.

Application examples