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Fully Automated Environmental Monitoring

  • - All quality-relevant environmental parameters at a glance at all times

  • - Time and resource-saving recording and documentation of measured values

  • - Avoid critical events with intelligent alarm functions

Everything in view at all times:
Environmental monitoring with testo Saveris 1

Continuous monitoring and documentation of environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity or differential pressure can quickly become a challenge. The industry-leading monitoring solution testo Saveris 1 provides automated and efficient support in complying with your regulatory requirements.

Without Interruption

Complete and seamless documentation of your measurement data thanks to fully automated recording and archiving.


Numerous measuring points in different areas and locations can be easily monitored with just one system.


Worldwide access to all of your measurement data at any time while also securely storing local data. All quality data for the next audit available at the push of a button.


Redundant security measures in the system ensure that no measurement data is lost, even in the event of power failures or connection interruptions.


Thanks to the intelligent and comprehensive alarm management, you can react to unwanted events at any time before serious consequences arise - you will no longer miss any limit deviations


An audit trail valid according to international standards and electronic signatures document every event that occurs within the system.

The complete solution from a single source

testo Saveris 1 supports you in four ways.

The environmental monitoring system records and analyzes your critical environmental data, immediately alerts you if limit values ​​are violated and can support you in optimizing your processes.

To achieve this, the complete solution uses three building blocks for success:

Sensors, software and services

Our sensors - precise & reliable

For more than 60 years, we have specialized in the production of measurement solutions and offer precise and reliable sensor technology for a variety of applications.

Our solutions enable you to accurately capture and analyze key metrics to optimize your processes and improve your results.

We attach great importance to offering solutions that can be optimally integrated into your processes. Our experienced teams work closely with you to develop tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our precise and reliable sensor technology forms the basis of our measurement solutions. We rely on the latest technologies and strict quality controls to ensure that our sensors deliver accurate measurement results and work reliably even under demanding conditions. Our solutions give you the certainty that you have reliable data to rely on.

Made for almost every application

Research and Development

In medical, biotechnical, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories and cleanrooms, important climatic parameters have to be monitored. This is the only way to protect sensitive samples and maintain a high quality standard. Temperature in particular is a critical parameter that must be monitored. Humidity and pressure must also be included in standard-compliant environmental monitoring.

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Environmental monitoring with testo Saveris 1

From the laboratory to the end-customer