Spring Clamp Probe (NTC) - For pipes from ¼” to 2 1/2”

Order-Nr.  0613 5605

  • Easy attachment of the probe to pipes with a diameter of 5 to 65 mm

  • Measuring range: -50 to +120°C

  • Automatic positioning of the sensor on the pipe

  • NTC temperature probe with 1.2 m long cable

Testo NTC Spring Clamp Probes will allow you to properly measure Evaporator and Condensor temperatures in real time using your Testo Digital Manifold. Using the spring clamp probes will also allow the manifold to calculate Superheat and Subcool values, ensuring that they are at a correct, optimized level, and the refrigeration system is running at maximum efficiency

Product Description

The Testo NTC spring clamp probe is compatible with the following Testo products: testo 550, testo 557, and testo 570.

What's Included: Spring Clamp Probe (NTC)


Delivery Scope

1 x pipe wrap probe (NTC) with fixed cable (cable length 1.2 m).
Temperature - NTC

Measuring range

-58.0° to 248.0 °F / -50 to +120 °C


±0.4 °F (-13.0° to 176.0 °F) / ±0.2 °C (-25 to +80 °C)

General technical data


0.197 in.; 2.559 in. / 5 mm; 65 mm

Cable length

3.937 ft. / 1.2 m