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testo 760-3 - Digital multimeter with type K, TRMS, and 1,000 V range

0590 7603
$ 280.50
  • 1,000 V AC/DC voltage measuring range, TRMS, and low pass filter
  • Auto-test setup based upon lead connection prevents blown fuses in the meter
  • Meter automatically detects testing in-process, and selects the correct meter configuration, saving time and optimizing accuracy
  • Measure up to 400 A with optional clamp probe adapter
  • In addition to the features of the testo 760-2, the testo 760-3 has an AC/DC voltage measuring range of 1,000 V, and includes TRMS, duty cycle, low pass filter, and temperature measuring functionalities.  Testo’s exclusive auto-test setup enables the user to simply turn the unit on, connect the leads, and begin measuring.  The testo 760-3 digital multimeter detects the lead connection, and prevents switching from V to A, or A to V, if the leads are not in the proper socket.  This prevents accidentally blowing the meter’s fuse because of incorrect connections.
    This multimeter's function and range settings are always correct, because its measurement parameters are detected and set automatically.  Three easy to read buttons replace the traditional rotary switch for selecting manual test functions.

    Additional benefits:
    • APO (Auto Power Off) saves battery life
    • Rugged meter with overmold housing
    • Large, backlit, dual readout display with analog bar graph is easy to read
    • Lead holder conveniently molded into housing for easy storage
    Testo’s history of efficiency, innovation, and quality now extends into the entire electrical lineup.  Once again, Testo brings high value, feature-packed products to the HVAC contractor market.

    testo 760-3 digital multimeter 1,000 V, including test leads, 3 AAA batteries, instruction manual, quick start guide, and certificate of conformity

    Temperature - Type K TC

    Measuring range
    -4.0° to 932.0 °F / -20 to +500 °C
    ±1.8 °F (32° to 212 °F) / ±1 °C (0 to +100 °C)
    0.2 °F / 0.2 °C

    DC voltage

    Measuring range
    0.1 to 1000 V
    max. 0.1 mV
    ± (0.8 % of mv + 3 Digit)

    AC voltage

    Measuring range
    0.1 mV to 1000 V
    max. 0.1 mV
    ± (1.0 % of mv + 3 Digit)

    Ideal for measuring all important electrical parameters

    • Automatic detection and selection of measurement parameters, current measurement in the µA range, voltage range up to 1000 V, true root mean square (TRMS) measurement, low pass filter, operation via function keys, large illuminated display, temperature adapter

    Overview of applications

    • Testing voltage supply in live wires, current measurement in the lower measuring range, testing voltage supply for frequency-controlled motors, measuring the ionization flow of heating systems, continuity tests on switching components, resistance measurement of sensors or motor windings, easy temperature checking