testovent 417 gelijkrichter set - flow straightener set for volume flow

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  • Convenient, quick volume flow measurement

  • Accurate measurement even in turbulent flows

  • Patented volume flow straightener

  • Included in the set: volume flow straightener, two funnels and a practical case

Stroomgelijkrichter testovent 417 bestaande uit de trechterset testovent 417 en de volumestroom gelijkrichter testovent 417

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The air flow at swirl outlets is subject to major turbulence. As a result, it is very difficult to measure the volume flow correctly at these outlets using only a vane anemometer and funnels for the measurement. Higher or lower measurement results are generated depending on the flow direction in which the swirl hits the vane. This means that the ventilation system cannot be optimally adjusted.


Patented volume flow straightener testovent 417

Testo is the only manufacturer to offer a solution which enables you to take simple, precise measurements at swirl outlets. In conjunction with a funnel, the patented volume flow straightener testovent 417 offers you ideal assistance in measuring the volume flow at swirl outlets. The volume flow straightener makes it possible to change the turbulent flow to an almost uniform flow, which can then be reliably recorded using an optional vane anemometer.

In this set you get the testovent 417 volume flow straightener plus two funnels for ventilation grilles and plate outlets (testovent 417 funnel set). The funnels and the flow straightener can be conveniently transported in the practical case.

To measure the volume flow, you will also need a compatible vane anemometer, which you can order separately.



  • testovent 417 volume flow straightener
  • Round funnel for plate outlets (Ø 200 mm)
  • Square funnel for ventilation grilles (330 x 330 mm)
  • Practical case
  • Instructions for use for measuring with funnels
  • Assembly instructions

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