testo 174 T starter kit

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  • Professional software with Excel export function for programming the logger and data analysis

  • Temperature measuring range from -30 °C to +70 °C

  • Automatic measuring data backup when the battery runs out or is changed

  • Measurement data memory for up to 16,000 readings

  • Easy-to-change battery

  • Displays violations of limit values


Professional software with Excel export function for programming the logger and data analysis.


Product Description

Ideal for continuous temperature measurements: With this kit, you will always be able to reliably monitor the storage temperature of pharmaceuticals or food, for example. The kit includes three testo 174T mini temperature data loggers and a USB interface.

Details on kit components

Delivery Scope

  • 3 x testo 174T mini data loggers for temperature (0572 1560)
  • USB interface (0572 0500)
  • Wall bracket
  • 2 x Lithium batteries CR2032 (0515 0028)
  • Calibration protocol

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testo 174 T starter kit

Order Number: 0563 0561

£ 194.00
incl. VAT  £ 232.80



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USB interface for data loggers

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Monitoring and documenting the temperature in cold storage areas

Many foods or medicinal products have to be stored within a specific cold temperature range. This may be in individual refrigerated storage rooms, but also in specialised cold storage warehouses or high bay cold store warehouses. The temperature has to be continuously documented in all of these refrigerated facilities, since strict regulations apply to quality management both in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Data loggers are usually placed at the ‘Critical Control Points’ (CCPs) of a cold storage area to enable any fluctuations in temperature to be detected and appropriate action to be taken. Critical places include doors or passages into other temperature zones within a warehouse.

Monitoring and documentation of transport temperature

During the transportation of food and pharmaceuticals, clearly defined temperature limits must be complied with in most cases - and this needs to be done seamlessly and continuously. The wrong temperature conditions during transportation can result in major losses in quality or even a complete loss of value for the monitored products.

With the aid of a data logger, goods in transit can be monitored to make sure specified temperature zones are being observed; this can then be read out, analyzed and stored using special software.

Monitoring the temperature in deep-freeze storage areas for food

There are many facilities where (deep) frozen foods need to be stored. These range from individual deep-freeze rooms at small food producers (e.g. butcher's shops), restaurants and supermarkets, via deep-freeze rooms in the food processing industry, right through to specialized refrigerated warehouses/high-bay deep-freeze warehouses. In all of these facilities, the temperature has to be documented continuously. Only temperature recording devices that comply with EN 12830 are allowed to be used in Europe.

Data loggers are typically used to measure the air temperature in these kinds of storage facilities. The measuring instrument is positioned within the freezer room at the critical places where possible, such as by doors or refrigeration units, where it records temperature data at specified intervals (typically: every 15 minutes). The recorded data can subsequently be analyzed and archived using special software.


£ 194.00
incl. VAT £ 232.80
Delivery time: 3 – 5 working days