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  • testo 184 G1 - Temperature, humidity and shock USB transport data logger

    Order-Nr. 0572 1846 01

    The testo 184 G1 data logger is suited for cold chain transportation, monitoring fragile or sensitive items and is capable of monitoring temperature, humidity, and shock. With configuration, reports, calibration certificates on-board, and LED lights that indicate when specified limits have been exceeded, transport monitoring and documentation of sensitive goods is easy.
    • Up to 120 consecutive days of battery life with replaceable battery, and large storage capable of storing 64,000 (temperature / humidity) and 1,000 shock readings

    • Large, easy to read LCD display

    • PDF Reports allow for quick access to non-corruptible documentation without software

    • NFC (Near Field Communication) allows for easy access of documentation with a compatible device

  • testo 160 TH - Wi-Fi data logger with internal temperature and humidity sensors

    Order-Nr. 0572 2021

    Monitor your exhibits and archived artwork with the testo 160 TH Wi-Fi data logger for temperature and humidity.  The testo 160 TH has internal temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the ambient environment in museums, museum storage, and archives.
    • Data logger with internal temperature and humidity sensors, small footprint, and unobtrusive design

    • Optional paintable logger cover helps conceal the logger in an exhibit

    • Logger sends data to the Testo Cloud using your existing Wi-Fi network, alarms by email (Basic License), and optional text messages with the Advanced License

    • Simple to install, integrate, and operate

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