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testo 310 II - Flue gas analyzer

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  • Simultaneous, individual measurement and display of all relevant measurement parameters by (O2, CO, CO2, flue gas and ambient temperature, CO environment, draught and pressure). Display configurable via the testo Smart App
  • Simultaneous, additional measurements via the testo Smart App (e.g. gas flow pressure, flow and return temperature)
  • Easy and intuitive menu guidance
  • Digital documentation, data transfer and customer data management via testo Smart App
  • Heating fitters and technicians who perform commissioning and maintenance of hot water and residential heating systems need a reliable and stable measuring instrument with which they can easily perform their measuring tasks such as exhaust gas analyses. The new testo 310 II provides individual support for their daily measurement tasks and makes their day-to-day work easier.
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    Measurement accuracy, configurable measurement display, parallel measurement options, intuitive operation, sturdy housing, connection option to the testo Smart App: Our flue gas analyzer testo 310 II offers everything that heating fitters and technicians need for practical work on heating systems.

    Reliable testing of heating systems with the flue gas analyzer testo 310 II for beginners

    The compact flue gas analyzer offers, in addition to the simple user interface, menu navigation with four integrated measurement menus for flue gas, draught, ambient CO and pressure. All measurement results are visible at a glance in the display and can even be configured, thanks to the high-resolution graphic display.
    If needed, you keep your hands are free during the measurement - because the flue gas analyzer testo 310 II can be fixed to metal surfaces, e.g. the burner, using the magnets on the back of the instrument. But this is not the only practical feature: The testo Smart App allows you to operate and configure your instrument via the remote function.
    The robust design for harsh, dirty environments, the fast sensor zeroing in 30 seconds, the easily replaceable probe filter and the condensate trap that can be emptied quickly make the flue gas analyzer the optimal tool for plant mechanics because it is cleverly designed.
    If required, the measurement results can be transferred to the optionally available Testo quick printer via Bluetooth® interface or sent by e-mail and printed out directly on site.

    Flue gas analyzer testo 310 II incl. rech. battery and calibration protocol for the measurement of O2, CO, hPa and °C, probe 180 mm with cone, silicon hose for pressure measurement, particle filters 5 off. and case

    Temperature - Type K TC

    Measuring range
    -4° to 212 °F / -20 to +100 °C
    ±2 °F / ±1 °C
    0.1 °F / 0.1 °C
    Reaction time
    < 50 sec
    Temperature (ambient temperature)

    Temperature - Type J TC

    Measuring range
    32° to 752 °F / 0 to +400 °C
    ±1.5 % of mv (> 212 °F) / ±1.5 % of mv (> 100 °C)
    ±1.8 °F (32° to 212 °F) / ±1 °C (0 to +100 °C)
    0.1 °F / 0.1 °C
    Reaction time
    < 50 sec
    Temperature (flue gas)

    Flue gas O₂

    Measuring range
    0 to 21 Vol.%
    ±0.2 Vol.%
    0.1 Vol.%
    Reaction time t₉₀
    30 sec

    Faster, productive - tune ups, maintenance, and more...

    Whether you need to perform basic or more complex combustion tuning, perform maintenance or safety checks, or install new combustion units, the fully featured testo 310 delivers more combustion parameters. Use the 310 for accurate heating adjustment so you can get it right the first time - every time.

    Simple to use with reliable results

    The testo 310 eliminates the need for look up charts and the purchase and disposal of expensive chemicals. The kink-resistant hose is integrated into the housing to eliminate leaks. The stainless steel probe and cone-stop is perfect for residential furnace, boiler and water heater applications. With five different fuels to select from, it provides the flexibility you need for your tuning opportunities.

    Right residential combustion measurement every time

    The testo 310 residential combustion analyzer represents a new class of instruments for Testo and provides exceptional value and expanded capabilities in combustion testing. The 310 sets a new standard in reliable combustion tuning with its rugged housing, simple design and advanced sensor technology.

    The easy-to-read backlit display shows more measurements which provides more complete picture of the combustion process. Simple top-of-display icons show you the current measurement functions. After only 30 seconds the 310 is ready to test.

    Full featured – for better testing and tuning

    • O2, CO (w/ NOx filters standard), CO2

    • Draft & Pressure

    • Temperature (flue & ambient)

    • Combustion efficiency & excess air

    • Undiluted CO (CO air free)

    • Ambient CO