Surface temperature measuring instruments with built-in probe

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  • testo Smart Probes Refrigeration Set - Wireless Smart Probe Kit

    Order-Nr. 0563 0002

    The testo AC/R Smart Probe Set is a combination of four instruments that measure high-side and low-side pressures and temperatures of A/C and refrigeration systems.  Configured to be used during the commissioning, servicing, PM, and troubleshooting of A/C and refrigeration systems.  This kit can be operated without the need for any other tools, besides your smartphone to communicate with the instruments.
    • Simultaneously measures high-side and low-side refrigerant pressure and temperatures of AC and refrigeration systems

    • Low-loss AC/R system checks, with no hoses required!

    • Compact wireless AC/R test kit

    • Calculates superheat and subcooling in the Smart Probes app

  • testo 905-T2 - Surface probe

    Order-Nr. 0560 9056

    The testo 905-T2 surface thermometer can measure the temperature reliably and impressively fast, even on uneven surfaces. Its measuring head with sprung thermocouple strip is what makes this possible. This efficient temperature measuring instrument is therefore suitable for diverse applications in the heating, plumbing, and refrigeration trade (like measurements on pipes or valves).
    • Sprung thermocouple cross-band adapts to any surface

    • Very fast reaction time

    • Easy readout of readings due to rotatable display

    • Convenient reading of measurement results on the swivel display

  • testo 115i - Pipe-clamp thermometer wireless Smart Probe

    Order-Nr. 0560 1115

    The testo 115i Smart Probe is a pipe-clamp probe that measures temperature in pipes more accurately than thermocouples, thanks to superior NTC temperature sensor technology.  The exclusive Testo probe design grips pipes up to 1.5” in diameter, and maintains critical contact between probe and pipe surface to derive the best readings.
    • Measures temperature of pipes in heating and cooling systems

    • Compatible with the testo 549i refrigeration pressure Smart Probe to calculate superheat and subcooling

    • Identifies temperature changes by monitoring real-time trends and data logging

    • testo 115i NTC temperature sensor is more accurate and stable than thermocouples

  • Mini thermometer

    Order-Nr. 0560 1109

    Mini surface thermometer with battery
    • Perfect for checking surface temperatures

    • Extra wide measuring tip for placing on a flat measuring point

    • Measurement of high temperatures up to +300 °C

    • Many areas of application: heating engineering, sanitation sector, and air conditioning/ventilation/refrigeration technology

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