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Food safety

Thanks to reliable measurement technology, food is safe
Ensuring the highest food quality and safety - an essential concern. From the first stage to the last, from transport to storage to sale:

Ensure food quality. fulfil the HACCP concept.

Every step along the food chain must fulfil the strictest standards, in particular the HACCP guidelines.
This is where our innovative measuring devices and solutions come into play - for precision and safety.

Temperature measurement

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Frying oil measurement

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Data monitoring

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pH measurement

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Food inspections

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Food safety

Temperature measurement of food

The temperature of food has a decisive influence on the formation and multiplication of germs and thus on product quality and consumer health. To ensure food safety, it is therefore mandatory to control food temperatures.

Temperature measuring instruments

Our measuring devices offer you the perfect solution if you need or want to monitor the temperature of your food.

Insertion infrared thermometer testo -104-IR

A measuring device for determining surface and core temperature with intuitive operation.

Discover our variety of products.

Immersion thermometers with fixed probes

  • Quick measurement of the core temperature

  • Robust measuring devices e.g. with frozen food tip

  • Foldable or rigid probe

  • Mobile, portable

Our air temperature measuring devices at a glance

Further applications

Frying oil tester

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Frying oil measurement

Simple and objective determination of the frying oil quality.

CO data logger

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Data monitoring

For a secure cold chain.

pH meters

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ph measurement

Simple pH value measurement in various media

Control set

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Food inspections

Measuring instrument kits for professional food controls

Measurement technology for the cold chain. Fast, easy & HACCP compliant.

Safe food all the way.

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HACCP for downloading

Pocket Guide Food Safety

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Legal framework incl. HACCP

Information on germ growth

What’s measured, and how?

Practical tips on using food measuring instruments

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Food: Safety first

Particularly high safety standards apply when it comes to the production, storage, processing and preparation of food. These involve keeping food and drink as free as possible from all germs and harmful pathogens, and this can only succeed if every stage is monitored. Temperature and humidity in the storage rooms must be permanently monitored. If there are discrepancies, immediate action is needed to protect consumers and provide them with safe food. Not only is it important for all products to carry appropriate labelling indicating their origin or special storage and preservation measures, but it is also important, for example, that the cold chain is maintained without interruption. This must be verifiable in the interests of food safety. This is not possible with a simple thermometer. It requires modern temperature data loggers that record the measured data. Thanks to wireless connections, you can now even monitor cold rooms without any cable connections. The measured data can be read conveniently and independent of location via the cloud software.

In the context of food safety, the entire cold chain must also be verifiable, and it must also be possible to monitor transportation on a constant basis.

Consumers: Protected by food safety measuring instruments

Consumers should be able to rely on the fact that the consumption of food is not harmful to their health but is beneficial to it. Without firm food safety measures in place, it would be more a matter of pure luck if no germs were to cause illness when consuming different foods. Sensitive food types in particular, which require permanent refrigeration and react to even the slightest interruption of the cold chain with spoilage and an explosive increase in germs, would result in complaints from consumers. It is relatively simple to ensure that food and drink are safe.