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Pharma and Health

Ensuring quality and compliance.
In the research, production or application of sensitive pharmaceuticals, safety is paramount. From research in the laboratory through to GxP-compliant production and uninterrupted monitoring of the cold chain during transport and storage:

Here, you will find the perfect measuring solution for your area of application

Testo’s measuring instruments and all-in-one solutions for pharmaceuticals and healthcare ensure the quality of the pharmaceutical products as well as the compliance of your processes.

R&D and Production

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Health sector

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R&D and production in the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical products must be able to demonstrate perfect quality. Therefore research laboratories, cleanrooms and pharmaceutical production are subject to strict standards, guidelines and regulations: e.g. ISO 9001, GxP, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) or 21 CFR Part 11. Measuring instruments and complete solutions from Testo support you in complying with these regulations. And thus ensure the quality of your processes in R&D and production.

Measuring solutions for laboratories

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From monitoring critical processes to controlling and monitoring all IAQ parameters: At Testo, you’ll find the perfect measuring technology for ensuring quality in a laboratory environment.

  • Uninterrupted monitoring of humidity and temperature

  • Ensure the comparability of measurement and research results

Measuring solutions for cleanrooms

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Cleanrooms require precise measurement methods in order to be qualified according to their areas of application and quality requirements.

  • Ensuring a uniform cleanroom environment

  • Strict adherence to defined conditions

  • Qualification and calibration

Measurement solutions for production

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In pharmaceutical production, 99 percent certainty is not enough. With Testo’s high-precision measuring technology and all-in-one solutions, you’ll never have to worry about safety.

  • Make sure production conditions comply with GMP

  • Uninterrupted monitoring of temperature and humidity

  • Audit-safe production processes

Health sector

In the healthcare sector, the well-being of patients is paramount. This includes monitoring the storage conditions of medicines. Sensitive substances such as blood and tissue require specially protected conditions. (Hospital) pharmacies also produce special pharmaceuticals: a process which is subject to various regulations. Testo’s measuring solutions monitor sensitive medications, thereby protecting the health of your patients. They also minimize the risk of expensive product losses and ensure a standard-compliant environment.

IAQ monitoring in pharmacies

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To store sensitive medicines, temperatures need to be kept constant. Pharmacies are obligated to monitor and document these values. Measuring solutions from Testo support pharmacies in their important work and prevent batches from having to be discarded:

  • Continuous monitoring of humidity and temperature

  • Automatic documentation

  • Alarm function when limit values are exceeded

  • Special sets for medicine refrigerators

Indoor climate monitoring in hospitals

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In hospitals and clinics, defined environmental values have to be maintained: Whether this relates to the storage of drugs and blood reserves or in operating theatres, cleanrooms and wards. Measuring solutions from Testo offer you reliable protection from product losses and compliance violations.

  • Systematic IAQ monitoring

  • Ensure correct storage of vaccines, samples and blood reserves

  • Warning in the event of limit value violations

  • Special sets for medicine refrigerators

Pharma logistics

Safe delivery of every drug to the patient represents a major logistical achievement. The basic condition is clear: The cold chain must be maintained along the entire supply chain. This entails corresponding requirements for the transport itself as well as for the storage facilities. In addition to this, the processes in pharma logistics are subject to nearly as many regulations as the production itself. On road, rail or in the air, it must be ensured at all times that temperature limits are adhered to. Climate mapping in the warehouses must be employed to determine the appropriate measurement points for the measurement technology to be attached. Testo’s data loggers, data logger systems and all-in-one solutions enable you to comply with the applicable standards, guidelines and regulations reliably. And with impeccably stored and delivered pharmaceuticals, make an important contribution to people’s health.

Measurement solutions for transport

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Transporting pharmaceuticals is a challenge: If temperature limits are exceeded, sensitive drugs are damaged. With data loggers from Testo, you can protect your sensitive cargo along the entire supply chain:

  • Transparency over the entire distribution route along the cold chain

  • Safe and in compliance with current standards, guidelines and regulations

Measurement solutions for warehouses

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Lots of drugs react sensitively to temperature fluctuations. Constant temperature and humidity levels are therefore crucial when it comes to ensuring the quality and efficacy of pharmaceuticals. International and national regulations also have to be observed.

Even more reason to rely on an expert such as Testo:

  • Automated and uninterrupted measurement data recording

  • Ensure GxP-compliant storage

  • Validatable 21 CFR Part 11 software

The right measuring instrument for every application.

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