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Digital quality management for food safety in supermarkets and gas stations

When it comes to the implementation and documentation of food safety, many retailers still rely on lots of staff and even more paper. And yet this topic can be solved smarter, more efficiently and with a fraction of the resources – with testo Saveris Food Stores. With digital quality handbooks and the automated temperature monitoring of all products requiring refrigeration or deep-freezing, the digital quality management system supports the implementation of quality checks and documents compliance with the requirements in a central data base. This gives you certainty of the safety of your foods at all times and from anywhere.

Transparency of quality on site.

  • Quality and performance in view all the time

  • Detect sources of error early

  • Plan internal audits more easily


Foods are prepared more safely, and staff are guided step by step through the quality checks.


Legal as well as company requirements can be transparently integrated into work processes.


Fast overview of planned and implemented quality checks.


Savings thanks to automated monitoring and efficient processing of quality checks.

Reliable and seamless monitoring from anywhere at any time enables you to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to managing your food quality. As a food safety professional with 2 decades of experience measuring the execution of food quality and food safety programs I can appreciate how testo Saveris Food Stores enables a more preventative approach in controlling food quality and safety.“

Eric Moore, Certified Professional - Food Safety


Director of Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance, Testo North America


Fit for learning, ensured by testo Saveris Restaurant

High-quality food for the next generation of talents - Studierendenwerke Seezeit relies on testo Saveris Restaurant.

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XXXL enjoyment at XXXLutz: testo Saveris Food in use in the furniture chain's gastro operations

The XXXLutz Group, which is represented throughout Europe, also relies on testo Saveris Food in its gastro operations to make daily work more efficient and to ensure safe implementation of the HACCP concept.

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A success story: Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG and Testo

The market leader in Swiss highway gastronomy relies on testo Saveris Restaurant to guarantee the quality and freshness of the product range even more efficiently.

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The effect of technology on the taste and quality of food

h3 is one of the most important restaurant chains in Portugal. With testo Saveris Restaurant, the company is digitalizing its quality processes, and offers the customer a unique taste experience – according to the h3 motto “Not so fast food”.

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Not just for hungry lions: testo Saveris in South Africa

With Hungry Lion, one of South Africa’s most popular restaurant chains is relying on testo Saveris Restaurant.

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Quality written large: testo Saveris Restaurant in France

NINKASI sets standards in quality in the French event gastro scene: with testo Saveris Restaurant.

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EDEKA Sven Fiedler ensures food quality: with testo Saveris Food Stores.

EDEKA manager Sven Fiedler relies on testo Saveris Food Stores to fulfil the brand promise of the largest cooperative supermarket chain in Germany: “We love food”.

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On the road: testo Saveris Food Stores in use in team service stations.

Find out in a compact reference story which advantages of testo Saveris convinced the responsible people at team service stations.

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