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testo 835-T2 - Infrared thermometer

0560 8352
€ 497,00 € 606,34
  • Extended temperature range for reliable measurements up to 1 500 °C
  • IR measurements from a safe distance; precise measuring of moving objects
  • Memory for up to 200 readings; easy analysis with free-to-download software
  • 4-point-laser and 50:1 optics for precise measurements over greater distances
  • The testo 835 T2 infrared thermometer reveals just what it’s made of long after other infrared thermometers have given up. The testo 835 T2 allows you to measure temperatures up to 1 500 °C and moving objects safely and reliably.
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    Ideal for use in the glass, ceramics or the metal industry: the testo 835-T2 high temperature infrared thermometer is the ideal professional tool for a wide variety of thermal applications in the high temperature range. The testo 835-T2 has an extremely wide temperature range which allows you to carry out thermal measurements up to 1 500 °C - and all from a safe distance. It doesn’t matter whether the objects are small, hard to reach, moving or very hot. Thanks to the leading-edge technology tucked away inside, the testo 835-T2 allows you to measure the temperature in all four cases quickly and safely.
    • The 4-point laser clearly indicates the measuring area and prevents incorrect measurements
    • The 50:1 optics allow you to carry out measurements from a long distance and still obtain excellent results (distance 5 m = 10 cm measuring spot)
    • The integrated degree of emission table enables you to select the correct degree of emission of the measured surface
    • The backlit display allows you to use your infrared thermometer in all lighting conditions
    The testo 835-T2 also allows you to carry out contact temperature measurements. The thermometer is equipped with a connecting point for a wide range of optional temperature sensors. The temperature sensor can also be used to automatically measure the degree of emission of a particular surface. This makes it easier to carry out subsequent infrared measurements.
    There is also a wide range of optional accessories - including a tripod and a robust carry case – that allow you to customize your testo 835-T2 infrared thermometer to suit your needs.

    For easy analysis and easy use

    The testo 835-T2 comes with an easy-to-follow menu, self-explanatory icons and a user-friendly joystick. Your infrared thermometer can be used to create different measuring sites or save up to 200 readings while additional features including min/max values, adjustable thresholds and visual and acoustic alarms which are triggered when thresholds have been exceeded make work more efficient and life easier. The free-to-download software provides you with a quick and convenient means of analyzing your measuring data.

    testo 835-T2 high temperature infrared thermometer, 4-point laser marking, measuring data administration, batteries, calibration protocol.

    Temperature - TC Type K (NiCr-Ni)

    Measuring range
    −50 to +1000 °C
    ±(0,5 °C + 0,5 % of mv)
    0,1 °C

    Temperature - Infrared

    Measuring range
    −10 to +1500 °C
    ±2,0 °C or ±1 % of mv
    Infrared resolution
    1 °C (+1000,0 to +1500,0 °C)
    0,1 °C (−10,0 to +999,9 °C)

    General technical data

    514 g
    193 x 166 x 63 mm
    Operating temperature
    −20 to +50 °C
    Product-/housing material
    ABS + PC
    Emissivity table
    20 values
    Laser spot
    on / off
    EN 61326-1:2006
    Alarm function
    audible; Optical
    Auto-off backlight
    30 s*
    Auto-off instrument
    120 s*
    Battery type
    3 batteries type AA (or USB operating with PC-Software)
    Battery life
    25 h (typical 25°C without laser and backlight) 10 h (typical 25°C without backlight)
    Display type
    Dot Matrix
    200 measuring values
    Storage temperature
    −30 to +50 °C
    *disabled for continuous measurement and USB connection

    Air probes

    Surface probes

  • Surface probes
    Spare meas. head for pipe wrap probe, TC Type K
    Spare measuring head for pipe wrap probes (TC type K) - Measuring range: -60 to +130°C
      0602 0092
      € 58,00 € 70,76
    • Surface probes
      Fast-reaction paddle surface probe
      Fast-reaction paddle surface probe (TC type K) - Measuring range: - 0 to +300°C
        0602 0193
        € 145,00 € 176,90
      • Surface probes
        Fast-action surface probe with sprung thermocouple strip
        Fast-action surface probe (TC type K) – measuring range -60 to +300 °C, short-term up to +500 °C
          0602 0393
          € 140,00 € 170,80
        • Surface probes
          Efficient, waterproof surface probe with small measurement head
          Waterproof surface temperature probe with a small measuring head (TC type K) – measuring range: -60 °C to +1000 °C
            0602 0693
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          • Surface probes
            Fast-action surface probe with sprung thermocouple strip
            Fast-action, angled surface temperature probe (TC type K) for flat and uneven surfaces – measuring range: -60 to +300 °C
              0602 0993
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            • Surface probes
              Waterproof surface probe with widened measurement tip
              Waterproof surface temperature probe with widened measuring tip (TC type K) for flat surfaces – measuring range -60 to +400 °C
                0602 1993
                € 70,00 € 85,40
              • Surface probes
                Pipe wrap probe for pipe diameter 5 to 65 mm
                Temperature probe (TC type K) with clamping bracket for measurements on pipes with Ø 5-65 mm – Measuring range -60 to +130°C, briefly up to +280°C
                  0602 4592
                  € 148,00 € 180,56
                • Surface probes
                  Clamp probe for measurements on pipes
                  Clamp probe (TC type K) for temperature measurements on pipes with Ø 15-25 mm – Measuring range -50 to +100°C, briefly up to +130°C
                    0602 4692
                    € 77,00 € 93,94
                  • Surface probes
                    Magnetic probe (TC type K) - for surface temperatures
                    Surface temperature probe with magnet (TC type K), adhesive power 20 N – Measuring range -50 to +170°C
                      0602 4792
                      € 176,00 € 214,72
                    • Surface probes
                      Magnetfühler, Haftkraft ca. 10 N, mit Haft-Magneten
                      Surface temperature probe with magnet (TC type K), adhesive power 10 N – Measuring range -50 to +400°C
                        0602 4892
                        € 196,00 € 239,12
                      • Surface probes
                        Pipe wrap probe with velcro strip
                        Temperature probe with Velcro (TC Type K)
                          0628 0020
                          € 51,00 € 62,22
                        • immersion/ penetration probes

                        • immersion/ penetration probes
                          Efficient and fast-action immersion probe, waterproof
                          Flexible, fast-action immersion probe (TC type K) – measuring range: -60 to +1000 °C
                            0602 0593
                            € 109,00 € 132,98
                          • immersion/ penetration probes
                            Waterproof immersion/penetration probe, TC Type K
                            Waterproof immersion/penetration probe (TC type K) – measuring range -60 to +400 °C
                              0602 1293
                              € 50,00 € 61,00
                            • immersion/ penetration probes
                              Fast-action, waterproof immersion/penetration probe
                              Fast-action immersion/penetration probe (TC type K) – measuring range: -60 to +800 °C
                                0602 2693
                                € 135,00 € 164,70
                              • immersion/ penetration probes
                                Tauch-Messspitze, biegsam, TE Typ K
                                Immersion measuring tip with TC plug type K - for fast temperature measurements
                                  0602 5792
                                  € 33,00 € 40,26

                                • Product temperature monitoring for quality control in glass, ceramics and metal industries up to 1,500°C

                                  The testo 835-T2 is ideally suited for product quality assurance for various industrially manufactured products: e.g. in the production process to determine whether the required temperature has been reached for further processing of the product, or when cooling products.

                                  Advantages of the testo 835-T2:

                                  • Fast and precise measurement from a safe and long distance
                                  • Integrated emission level table and automatic determination of the emission level enable a rapid selection of the right emission level for various surfaces
                                  • Clear marking of the measuring range by 4-point laser
                                  • Possibility of monitoring and logging the temperature profile by long-term measurement (only in combination with EasyClimate PC software, a free download via testo.de)