testo 112 - Calibratable 1 channel thermometer

Order-Nr.  0560 1128

  • High-precision, calibratable temperature measuring instrument with PTB type approval – approved for official measurements

  • An attachable temperature probe can be connected – NTC and Pt100 probes optionally available to meet numerous practical requirements

  • Thanks to the water and dirt-repellent protective case TopSafe (optional), it is ideal for use in the food sector

  • Useful functions: minimum/maximum value memory and acoustic alarm

Our testo 112 calibratable temperature measuring instrument with PTB type approval is approved for official control measurements carried out by food inspectors, assessors and authorities. Thanks to NTC and Pt100 technology, this 1-channel temperature measuring instrument is exceptionally accurate.

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This meter uses a sensor to start up.

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Product Description


Our testo 112 high-precision, calibratable temperature measuring instrument is ideal for official control measurements carried out by food inspectors, assessors and authorities.

With its large measuring range of -50 to +300 °C, the testo 112 is also used for all areas relating to food quality control and also for temperature measurements carried out by veterinarians and pathologists.

Both NTC and Pt100 probes can be connected to the probe input, thus covering a wide range of temperatures, from frozen goods through to deep-fat fryer monitoring.

Calibratable temperature measuring instrument with PTB type approval
The testo 112 temperature measuring instrument and selected Pt100 and NTC probes (please order separately) are approved for official control measurements thanks to the PTB type approval and calibration capability.

For your official measurements, Testo AG carries out the conformity assessment procedure prior to the sale of the measuring instrument and probe(s). This new procedure is prescribed by the German Weights and Measures Act (MessEG) and Weights and Measures Ordinance (MessEV), which have been in force since 01/01/2015. It replaces the former initial calibration. Carrying out an initial calibration independently (e.g. at the request of the Office of Weights and Measures or a service provider such as Testo Industrial Services) is no longer possible.

Please note that there is a fee for the measuring instrument and probe(s) conformity assessment procedure (order number 0520 0351 for the measuring instrument and 0520 0361 for probes).

The testo 112 temperature measuring instrument - all the benefits at a glance

  • Reliable precision, at both high and low temperatures: thanks to NTC and Pt100 technology, you can carry out reliable measurements at both low temperatures in cold storage warehouses and at high temperatures (e.g. for deep-fat fryer monitoring)
  • NTC and Pt100 probes are ideal for your practical requirements: various attachable temperature probes for food quality control and selected calibratable probes (e.g. food penetration probe or air probe) - are optionally available. Put together a kit that perfectly suits your requirements
  • Safety: the integrated self-monitoring facility in the temperature measuring instrument provides peace of mind prior to carrying out the measurement
  • Great features: large, illuminated display, acoustic alarm when limit values are exceeded, you can define your own limit values, minimum and maximum value detection, auto-hold function
  • Practical accessories optionally available: are you familiar with our dishwasher-safe protective case TopSafe? This is water and dirt-repellent and, in conjunction with a connected temperature probe, complies with protection class IP65. You can also take advantage of the benefits offered by our testo fast printer. This enables you to print out measurement data on site, with date and time
  • The temperature measuring instrument requires an NTC or Pt100 probe for commissioning.
  • The measuring accuracy is made up of probe accuracy and instrument accuracy.


Delivery Scope

The calibratable 1-channel testo 112 temperature measuring instrument including calibration protocol and batteries.

Temperature - Pt100

Measuring range

-50 to +300 °C


±0.2 °C (-50 to +200 °C)

±0.3 °C (Remaining Range)


0.1 °C

Temperature - NTC

Measuring range

-50 to +120 °C


±0.2 °C (-25 to +40 °C)

±0.3 °C (+40.1 to +80 °C)

±0.5 °C (Remaining Range)


0.1 °C

General technical data


182 x 64 x 40 mm

Operating temperature

-20 to +50 °C



Number of channels


Battery type

9V block battery, 6F22

Battery life

100 h

Storage temperature

-30 to +70 °C


171 g

Air probes

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Food probes

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NTC temperature probes

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Pt100 temperature probes

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Surface probes

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£ 65.00
£ 78.00 incl. VAT

immersion/ penetration probes

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Accessories for measuring instrument

9V rech. battery for instrument

Order Number: 0515 0025

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Printer and accessories

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Transport and Protection

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