testo ComSoft Basic v5 SP 6.4 - Logger software

Order-Nr.  0572 0580

  • USB connection – all Testo loggers except 184 series

  • Card readout – 175 / 175 series

  • Download and save or display measurements

  • Shows measurements as graph and in tabular format

MS Windows 7/9/10 software for testo logger types 174, 175, 176, 177.
Not applicable to testo 184 loggers.


Product Description

  • Data range selection
  • Highlight / copy data to a new file or clipboard for transfer to the spreadsheet
  • Email data file
  • Create a graph or table report as a PDF, XLS or HTML file
  • Print report as a graph or table

Instrument configuration
    Start – button, time or software start
    Measurement and storage cycles
    Date and time
    Full memory
    Circular memory
    Number of measurement values
    Readings stop and delete data when configuration is changed

Units selection
    °C / °F

Channel settings
    Turn measurement channels on/off
    Enter upper / lower alarm settings

    Used to create a settings template for batch programming of other loggers

Delivery Scope

The software is available for free download.

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Technical Data

General technical data

System requirements

Windows XP (Service Pack 3); Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8; Windows® 8 Pro; Windows® 8 Enterprise; Windows® 10