testo 175T3 - Temperature data logger

Order-Nr.  0572 1753

  • Transfer of measuring data via SD card

  • Temperature measuring range from -50 °C to +1000 °C

  • Wall mount

  • Automatic measuring data backup when the battery runs out or is changed

  • Professional software for programming the logger and data analysis

  • Convenient Excel export functions

The testo 175T3 temperature data logger features a large display and alarm indication that makes it ideal for continuous monitoring of temperatures. The 175T3 temperature measurement logger has dual external thermocouple connections, 1 Type K and 1 Type T, which allows for simultaneous measurements using a wide variety of probes. Creation of Excel Spreadsheets, PDFs, and data analysis are all easily achieved with the free, downloadable ComSoft software.

This meter uses a sensor to start up.

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Product Description

The testo 175T3 is an ideal data logger for the continuous monitoring of ambient and product temperatures. With its customizable alarm, the 175T3 will alert when user defined thresholds have been exceeded.
  • Dual external thermocouple probe ports (1 Type T, 1 Type K) compatible with a variety of different probes
  • Data transfer possible using the USB port, or SD card (optional)
  • Easy to read large display that shows current reading and exceeded measurement limits
  • IP65 proection class
  • Capable of CFR 21 Part 11 Compliancy
  • Free data logger software available for download
  • Data is secured within the logger, and can be password protected using ComSoft
  • Includes lockable wall mount to prevent theft or tampering
Please note: The testo 175T3 temperature measurement logger requires an interface to use the free data logger software. One interface can be used for multiple instruments.


Delivery Scope

testo 175T3 temperature data logger, batteries, wall mount, lock, and certificate of conformity
General technical data


15.52 oz. / 440 g


4 x 2 x 1 in. / 95 x 55 x 30 mm

Operating temperature

-4° to 131 °F / -20 to +55 °C

Protection class



2 external



Product colour



EU-guideline 2014/30/EU; 2011/65/EU

Measuring rate

10 s - 24 h

Battery type

3 x AIMn type AAA or Energizer

Battery life

3 years at 15 min. meas. rate, +25 °C


1,000,000 measuring values

Storage temperature

-4° to 131 °F / -20 to +55 °C

Temperature - Type K TC

Measuring range

-58° to 1832 °F / -50 to +1000 °C


±0.9 °F (-58° to 158 °F) ±1 Digit / ±0.5 °C (-50 to +70 °C) ±1 Digit

±0.7 % of mv (158.2° to 1832 °F) ±1 Digit / ±0.7 % of mv (+70.1 to +1000 °C) ±1 Digit


0.1 °F / 0.1 °C

Temperature - TC Type T (Cu-CuNi)

Measuring range

-58 to +752 °F / -50 to +400 °C


±0.9 °F (-58° to 158 °F) ±1 Digit / ±0.5 °C (-50 to +70 °C) ±1 Digit

±0.7 % of mv (158.2° to 752 °F) ±1 Digit / ±0.7 % of mv (70.1 to +400 °C) ±1 Digit


0.1 °F / 0.1 °C

Surface probes

Monitoring the flow and return temperature of heating systems

The heating period begins in autumn and with it complaints from tenants that their apartments cannot be heated to the extent they would like. The flow and return temperature of individual radiators, for example, can be specifically monitored with the aid of flexible external pipe wrap probes, which enable causes to be identified and remedied.

Monitoring process temperatures

In production processes, the temperature often has to be checked in different places to ensure production quality: whether this is the air temperature, the temperature of manufactured products themselves, or the surface temperature of machines or engines and motors.
With the aid of thermocouple probes, data loggers can also record in the extreme temperature ranges prevalent in production processes. The extremely fast response of the probes means that even in processes with fast changing temperatures a good measurement result can be achieved.