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testo easyEmission software - including Testo data bus controller with instrument-PC USB connection

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  • Controlling and reading out several measuring instruments on the PC
  • Convenient measurement data management
  • Graphic and tabular display of measurement parameters
  • Use the Testo data bus controller for controlling and reading out several testo measuring instruments (e.g. testo 350) on the PC. The testo easyEmission PC software offers numerous functions for convenient measurement data management.
    If, for example, several testo 350 S/ XL flue gas analyzers are connected to the Testo data bus, they can each be controlled and read out on your PC. In this way, a faster measurement cycle (<5 s) can be set for each flue gas analyzer than with the RS232 cable.

    testo easyEmission Software (as download with registration) for PC installation, including Testo data bus controller, USB connection cable, cables for Testo data bus, terminal plug and instruction manual

    General technical data

    System requirements
    Windows 7; Windows 8; Windows® 10
    data bus; USB

    • If you already have the Testo easyEmission installed on your PC, your existing version will be updated . The update is possible with any version of the Testo easyEmission. However, this version can also be used as a demo version for customers who do not already own Testo easyEmission. It expires after 30 days, but can be activated at any time via an activation code.