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testo 606-2 - Moisture meter for material moisture and relative humidity

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  • Ram electrodes guarantee precise moisture measurements in wood and building materials
  • Ideal for carrying out relative humidity and air temperature measurements to check storage and drying
  • Identifying and preventing problems using dew point and wet bulb calculations
  • Easy to use; backlit display for use in all lighting conditions
  • The testo 606-2 moisture meter allows you to measure the moisture content in wood and building materials – and the surrounding environment too. This means that you are now also able to check storage and drying conditions quickly and easily.

    The testo 606-2 measures the moisture content of a variety of different types of wood and building materials. Apart from being able to measure moisture in the same way as the testo 606-1 moisture meter, the testo 606-2 is also able to measure relative humidity and air temperature and calculate the dew point and wet bulb temperature.

    This means that you are now not only able to measure the moisture content of the wood you have stored but also the relative humidity in the surrounding storage area. Armed with such valuable information, you can now easily determine whether the storage conditions are ideal or whether they need to be adjusted.

    Characteristic curves for precise moisture measurements in wood and building materials

    The testo 660-2 measures the moisture content of wood and building materials via the two ram electrodes which are pushed firmly into the material. The characteristic curves of the different materials allow the moisture content to be displayed directly as a weight percentage based on the dry mass (dry weight). The following characteristic curves are stored in the testo 606-2 moisture meter:

    • For precise moisture measurements in beech, spruce, larch, oak, pine, maple
    • For detecting moisture and wet places in building materials like cement screed, concrete, plaster, anhydrite screed, cement mortar, limestone mortar and brickwork

    The testo 606-2 moisture meter – compact, practical, professional, easy to use

    The compact testo 606-2 moisture meter is designed to make work more efficient and life a lot easier. A variety of practical functions and features including a hold function which freezes the last reading; a backlit display for use in all lighting conditions; a slip-on protective cap and a belt bag which ensure that your moisture meter is stored safely and a hand strap that helps prevent your meter from being accidentally dropped all ensure that you are best equipped to carry out professional and reliable measurements.


    testo 606-2 moisture meter, protective cap, belt bag, calibration protocol, batteries.

    Temperature - NTC

    Measuring range
    -10 to +50 °C
    ±0,5 °C
    0,1 °C

    Humidity - Capacitive

    Measuring range
    0 to 100 %RH
    ±2,5 %RH (5 to 95 %RH)
    0,1 %RH
    Please see the additional accuracy information for humidity in the instruction manual.

    Wood / Building material moisture

    Measuring range
    0,0 to 11,0 % by weight; anhydrite screed
    8,8 to 54,8 % by weight; beech, spruce, larch, birch, cherry, walnut
    0,6 to 9,9 % by weight; lime mortar, plaster
    0,9 to 22,1 % by weight; cement screed, concrete
    7,0 to 47,9 % by weight; oak, pine, maple, ash-tree, douglas fir, meranti
    0,7 to 8,6 % by weight; cement mortar
    0,1 to 16,5 % by weight; bricks
    ±1 %
    Measuring rate
    1 s

    Determining moisture in wood

    Moisture content is a decisive factor in the further processing and use of stored timber products. If wood is installed with the wrong moisture content this may result in mechanical deformations (contracting and swelling) at the site where the material is subsequently used, and therefore damage to pieces of furniture or entire supporting structures in buildings. Therefore, before being made into furniture or supporting material by a joiner/carpenter, the suitability of the wood has to be assessed by measuring the moisture content.
    Checking the moisture content of fuels, e.g. firewood, is part of the daily duties performed by flue gas inspectors/chimney sweeps. A high moisture content in the fuel means energy loss and a waste of resources.
    All Testo wood and building moisture measuring instruments measure the moisture in percentage weight compared to the dry mass (dry weight) of the material.
    The testo 606-2 is a particularly practical and easy to use material moisture measuring instrument in pocket size. The material moisture is displayed directly in percentage weight by means of stored material characteristic curves for wood and building materials. Characteristic curves are available for measuring wood moisture in beech, fir, larch, oak, pine and maple wood.
    The building moisture measuring instrument uses two electrodes rammed into the wood for its reading. In addition to material moisture, the testo 606-2 also measures humidity and air temperature. In this way, drying conditions, for example, can be assessed on site quickly and reliably.
    testo 606-2