Clamp probe (NTC) - with 5 m cable length

Obj.č  0613 5506

  • Precision NTC temperature sensor 

  • Collet for quick attachment 

  • Measuring range: -40 to +125 °C

Use the clamp probe for fast, accurate surface temperature measurements on pipes with diameters of 6 to 35 mm.  Fixed cable 5 m.

Popis výrobku

Use the clamp probe (NTC) to accurately measure surface temperatures on heating system pipes, water pipes, refrigeration systems or heat pumps (pipe diameter 6 to 35 mm). Depending on the measuring instrument connected, the clamp probe can be used to detect superheating/subcooling on refrigeration systems, but also to determine flow and return temperatures in heating technology, for example. The collet enables the surface probe to be attached quickly and easily.


Rozsah dodávky

Clamp probe (NTC) for temperature measurements on pipes (Ø 6-35 mm) with fixed cable 5 m.

Měřicí rozsah

-40 do +125 °C


±1 °C (-20 do +85 °C)

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