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Frying oil measurement

Used frying oil affects the taste and digestibility of fried food. If you change the frying oil too early, you will incur unnecessary costs. Use our frying oil tester to find out whether the frying oil needs to be changed.

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Frying oil measuring device testo 270

With the testo 270 frying oil meter, you can determine the quality of the frying oil with a simple measurement - and thus the ideal time to change it. In this way you save oil and thus costs and ensure a consistently high frying quality for your customers.

Frying oil meter

For us, quality has top priority! Since we started using the testo 270, we always have full transparency that the frying oil is still good and at the same time we can use it significantly longer without compromising on quality. As a result, we have seen cost savings of 30 to 40 % on oil.A win-win situation for us: Ensuring quality and saving costs at the same time!" A win-win situation for us: Ensuring quality and saving costs at the same time!

Leon Greiner


General Manager Quick Service Restaurant Stepanek, Laufenburg

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