testo ComSoft Basic v5 SP 6.4 - Logger software

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  • Programme and read out Testo data loggers using the basic software

  • Particularly clear: graphic and tabular display of readings

  • Convenient export functions, e.g. for further processing of data in Microsoft Excel or generation of a PDF

CD s ComSoft testo 174 (pokiaľ nie je požadované bezplatné stiahnutie z webových stránok bez registrácie)


Popis produktu

Easy operation and convenient analysis: the testo ComSoft Basic software enables you to programme and read out Testo data loggers and offers other practical features – e.g. a graphical and tabular reading display, as well as an export function.

Note: Please bear in mind that you need a connection cable or an interface to connect the measuring instruments (e.g. data loggers).

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The software is available for free download.

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Windows® 10; Windows® 11

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