testo 440 - Set pentru confortul ambiental cu Bluetooth

Cod produs  0563 4408

  • Intuitiv: meniu de măsurare bine structurat pentru debitul volumic, determinarea paralelă a a concentrației de CO2, umidității relative și a gradulului de turbulență

  • Precis: calcularea temperaturii bulbului umed, a punctului de condensare și a umidității absolute, determinarea gradului de turbulență și a riscului de apariție a mucegaiului în conformitate cu EN ISO 7730 / ASHRAE 55

  • Convenabil: sonda wireless, memorie internă de stocare a datelor și interfață USB pentru exportul de date

  • Utilizări multiple pentru măsurările dumneavoastră: instrumentul pentru măsurarea vitezei aerului si calitatii aerului ambiental poate fi extins printr-o gamă largă de sonde digitale

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Descriere produs

Utilizați acest set practic pentru a face față tuturor măsurărilor relevante pentru a evalua calitatea aerului interior și pentru a determina riscul și gradul de turbulență. Instrumentul de măsurare a vitezei aerului și a calității aerului ambiental testo 440 sonda CO2 cu senzor de temperatură și umiditate integrat, precum și sonda pentru gradul de turbulențe, sunt depozitate în geanta de transport.
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Conținut pachet

  • Instrument pentru măsurarea vitezei aerului și calitatea aerului ambiental testo 440 cu memorie internă și funcție de exportare a datelor
  • Sondă pentru gradul de turbulențe (400 mm)
  • Sondă pentru CO2 cu Bluetooth, incl. senzor de temperatură și umiditate

Sonde de temperatură

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Sondă de aer robustă, T/C Tip K

Cod produs: 0602 1793

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Sonde pentru presiunea

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Viteză aer

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Accesorii pentru instrumentul de măsură

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Long-term monitoring of indoor air quality

Poor indoor air quality due to excessive concentrations of CO2 can cause tiredness, lack of concentration and even illness. With its menu for recording readings, the testo 440 air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument is ideal for monitoring the indoor air quality. Enter the measurement time and the measuring cycle – and, for example, track the change in CO2 concentration or humidity and temperature values over the course of the day. Simply choose between probes with Bluetooth or fixed cable for CO2, CO or humidity (please order probes that are not included in the kit separately).

Turbulence measurement in accordance with EN ISO 7730 / ASHRAE 55

Determine the degree of turbulence and the draught risk in the workplace: draught restricts the comfort level and is the most common cause of complaints about the indoor climate. The turbulence probe measures air velocity and air temperature, and automatically calculates the draught risk and the degree of turbulence in accordance with EN ISO 7730/ASHRAE 55.
For convenient measurements at varying heights, we recommend using our measuring tripod for comfort level measurement (please order separately). This makes it very easy to position turbulence probes in compliance with the standards.

Convenience and maximum flexibility for duct and outlet measurements

Use our large range of air velocity probes (please order probes that are not included in the kit separately) to carry out simple, convenient measurements even at locations that are difficult to access in ventilation ducts or at air outlets:

You can even carry out easy measurements in particularly large ducts. This is because the extendable telescope on the hot wire and vane probe (Ø 16 mm) with universal handle can be further extended using the telescope extension – enabling you to attain a total length of 2 metres.

Carry out measurements at air/ceiling outlets effortlessly and without using a ladder. Fit your vane probe (Ø 100 mm) with the telescope with 90° angle and, if necessary, with the telescope extension (both can be ordered separately).

Greater freedom thanks to Bluetooth: the air velocity probes with Bluetooth have no inconvenient cable connection to the measuring instrument, and they transmit readings up to a distance of 20 m. Press the button on the probe to operate the measuring instrument – for example, to start and stop a series of measurements (timed mean calculation).

Attach the testo 440 air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument to metal surfaces (e.g. ducts) easily using the practical magnets.

Benefit from fast calculation of the volume flow: in the “volume flow” measurement menu of the multifunction measuring instrument, configure the dimensions and geometry of the duct cross-section – the measuring instrument shows you the volume flow straight away.

Range of probes for cleanrooms and laboratories

The testo 440 air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument is also ideal for a wide variety of applications in cleanrooms and laboratories in conjunction with the following probes:
  • High-precision flow measurement in fume cupboards with the fume cupboard probe
  • Thanks to the low start-up speed of 0.1 m/s, the high-precision vane probe (Ø 100 mm) is ideal for laminar flow measurements in cleanrooms. It is available as a variant with Bluetooth or with fixed cable
  • To measure the humidity in cleanrooms, we recommend the high-precision humidity/temperature probe (0636 9771 or 0636 9772). With an accuracy of ±(0.6 %RH + 0.7% of m.v.) (0 to 90 %RH), it also meets the requirements for humidity measurements in this particularly sensitive area
  • Use the high-precision digital Pt100 temperature probes, for example, for high-precision comparative measurements in calibration laboratories, temperature measurements in chemical laboratories or in the cosmetics industry as well as for determining the temperature distribution in refrigerators and conditioning cabinets