Telescoping probe handle with swivel head - for slanted ceiling outlets

Order-Nr.  0430 0946

  • The telescope is 5.9 feet long when extended

  • Thanks to the spherical head, the probe can be positioned at any angle up to 90°

  • Ideal for convenient measurements at (slanted) ceiling outlets

  • Durable construction allows the probe to be held steadily in high places

Ideal for measurements on slanted ceiling outlets – thanks to the swivel head, the probe can be positioned at any angle up to 90°.


Product Description

  • The telescope simplifies the measuring of e.g. flow velocities at ceiling outlets with the 4 inch (100mm) vane probe (0636 9343)
  • In extended status the telescope has a length of 5.9 ft
  • The ball head joint enables the positioning of the probe in all angles until 90°
  • To be able to use the telescope effectively, we recommend using the 16ft plug-in head cable

Delivery Scope

Telescoping probe handle (up to 5.9 ft in length) including probe holder for flow probes with universal Bluetooth or cable handle..

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Technical Data

General technical data


length 20 in. / length 510 mm

Length telescope

70.866 in. / 1,800 mm

Diameter telescope

1.535 in. / 39 mm

Product colour



19 oz. / 530 g