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testo 340 - Boiler and Burner Combustion Analyzer Kit

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  • Flue gas analysis with up to 4 gas sensors - freely configurable with sensor change on site by the user
  • Optimize the combustion process and increasing fuel efficiency
  • Monitor Excess air, confirm proper fuel delivery & set-up
  • Find inbound air (O2) leakage in gaskets, between pollution control devices, etc.
  • Measure CO worry free, with automatic dilution function, protecting accidental overrange of the CO sensor.
  • Monitor NO (NOx) and CO levels to establish baselines for permits and for good combustion identifiers
  • The ultimate combustion analyzer for commercial and industrial boiler and burners.  This kit is configured especially for commissioning, tuning, and testing boilers and burners.
    Testo 340s are sold through our Authorized Emissions Distributors network.  Please contact Testo to find your local distributor.
    Optimizing the combustion process and increasing fuel efficiency are necessary to compete in today’s market. The testo 340 can be configured to be the ideal combustion analyzer for Boiler and Burner testing.  The testo 340 Boiler and Burner Kit comes with the following items:
    • testo 340 unit with O2, CO and NO sensors
    • 12” stainless steel probe (temp max of 932 F) and 7-foot Teflon lined hose.  
    • Transport case
    • Power Supply
    • Extra particle filters
    • Printer IR
    • Printer paper

    Built to last

    • Long life-time CO and NOx sensors (up to 5 years) make cost of ownership the best in market.  Field exchangeable sensors allow greater flexibility.
    • The automatic dilution (range extender) factor-5x increases the CO range to 50,000 ppm.  The analyzer will calculate and display the corrected values.  User defined setpoints means you can extend the CO sensor life and maintain accurate measurements.
    • Rubberized shock resistant housing and clear over-plate protects analyzer and display screen. Magnets on back housing allows you to mount the analyzer for easier viewing.


    Beneficial features and useful options

    • The back-lit display is easily customized, can display from 4 to 8 lines, or show a variety of measurement options, such as PPM values or as MMBtu/hr.
    • Important calculation including, combustion efficiency, excess air calculations, corrected NOx and corrected CO values. 
    • 18 fuels to choose from
    • No need to remove the probe from the stack - simply press the "fresh air purge." It increases sensor life and keeps you off ladders and safely on the ground
    • Onboard Diagnostics – Push the i (information) button and scroll down for instrument status.
    • Draft and differential pressure and Mass Emission calculations (i.e. lbs./hr., tons/yr) with any Pitot tube
    • Options:
      • Add the NO2 sensor for a better NOx measurement that will include NO and NO2
      • Swap the standard NO sensor for the Low NOx or Low CO options with 0.1 ppm resolution
      • Hose extensions -9-foot quick connect extensions with integrated thermocouple means you can extend the hose to 25 feet.  Simply disconnect them for easier, less bulky transport.
      • Industrial sample probes from 3 feet to 9 feet long and from 1112 °F to 3200 °F
      • External Gas conditioning system for wet sources
      • easyEmission software - for real time data logging or downloading from instrument memory.


    Velocity - Mass Flow - Lbs. / Hr, Tons / Year

    With an optional pitot-tube you can also measure the velocity of the flue gas and evaluate the duct and back pass efficiency.  By inserting the sampling probe in the flue, the testo 340 will simultaneously calculate mass flow of NOx and CO in lbs/hr or tons/year.  Truly your go to instrument for combustion analysis


    testo 340 – Probes and hoses for every application.

    The probes are specifically designed for boiler testing. A modular design incorporates integrated thermocouples.  Simply "click-on" longer probes or ones that can withstand temperatures up to 1832 °F. Teflon-lined sample hoses resist kinking, are resistant to flue gas acids and provide the highest level of accuracy. Heavy particulate loading from coal or bio mass boilers are easily handled with the sintered filter options.  And if these are not enough, testo has a full line if industrial probes and hoses to cover everything else.  Click on the PROBE tab above to see the many sampling options.

    • testo 340 unit with O2, CO and NO sensors
    • 12” stainless steel probe (temp max of 932 F) and 7-foot Teflon lined hose. 
    • Transport case
    • Power Supply
    • Extra particle filters
    • Printer IR
    • Printer paper
    • Certificate of Conformity

    Engine Probes

    Flue gas probes

    Industrial probes

    Pitot tubes

    Temperature probes

  • Temperature probes
    Mini ambient air probe
    Mini ambient air probe
      0600 3692
      $ 81.60
    • Temperature probes
      Combustion air temperatur probe
      Combustion air temperature probe, immersion depth 60 mm
        0600 9797
        $ 151.30

      • Ensuring Boiler & Burner Efficiency

        Everyone wants the highest efficiency, but on-site condition and environmental permits often contradict one another.  In addition, dropping emissions limits (approaching 5 ppm total NOx in some areas) have been the driving factor for combustion maintenance and new installations. The testo 340 will provide the accurate measurements that are so necessary for environmental or process control.
        Often when evaluating the burner’s characteristics, the focus of attention is on fuel, and air delivery, flame behavior, and of course the measured flue gas and emissions values.   But, experienced service engineers also know that other combustion systems need to be checked:
        • Optimized fuel density and delivery and air supply is crucial in order to maintain a wide operating range, stable flame, and the best efficiency with lowest emissions.
        • Correct set-points must be confirmed. Ensure that fan capacity, the blowers and air ducts are controlled and coordinated with one another. These items combined with well-designed furnace dimension, burner spacing, and wind-box, all contribute to better controlled combustion.
        • Your tools and combustion analyzer need to work correctly all the time.  You want to be certain the installation is operating correctly so use the Testo 340 to be sure!
        Testo Boiler Room Image

        Industrial Probes

        We have a wide variety of industrial probes for more robust combustion applications.    With available temperature maximums of 1112 ⁰F, 1832⁰ F, and even made of ceramic for temperatures to 3200⁰ F.  Some are as long as 9 feet