testo 400 - 智能型参比级多功能测量仪

訂貨號  0560 0400

  • 智能、直观的测量程序,包含按 N ISO 12599 和 ASHRAE 111 的空调通风测量、按 EN ISO 7730 和 ASHRAE 55 的 PMV/PPD 以及紊流度测量

  • 高精度、不受位置限制的集成式差压传感器

  • 测量所有气候相关的参数 - 利用我们适用于所有气候测量的各种探头

  • 直接在客户处记录测量值并通过电子邮件发送或者利用电脑软件 testo DataControl 进行进一步分析

testo 400 智能型参比级多功能测量仪, 配有专业的测量程序,适用于高要求通风空调系统,室内空气质量,舒适度评估检测。


As an expert in the field of air conditioning and ventilation, you will find the testo 400 universal IAQ measuring instrument ideal. The IAQ measuring instrument with a built-in measurement assistant provides optimum support for carrying out air flow and comfort level measurements in accordance with the standards, as well as for adjusting and inspecting air conditioning and ventilation systems.


testo 400 universal IAQ instrument – features

Impressive IAQ measurement technology
  • High-precision, location-independent, built-in differential pressure sensor
  • Integrated absolute pressure sensor
  • Measures all IAQ-related parameters: Flow velocity, temperature, humidity, pressure, illuminance, radiant heat, turbulence, CO2 and CO
  • Numerous connection options for probes: 2 x cable probes (TUC), 4 x Bluetooth® probes, 2 x type K thermocouple probes
  • Compatible with a wide range of available Bluetooth® and cable probes – so you’ll be equipped for any measuring task
  • Compatible with the testo 420 volume flow hood: Simply connect to the testo 400 via Bluetooth, measure volume flow at larger air inlets and outlets and manage all customer and measuring site data on site using one measuring instrument
  • For high-precision measurements and less downtime: Adjustment function at up to six measuring points for zero-error display, probe heads can be replaced without restarting the IAQ measuring instrument, high-quality probes with an intelligent calibration concept (probe calibration independent of the measuring instrument)
  • Long-term monitoring of the indoor air quality: Order the IAQ data logger for carrying out long-term measurements with the testo 400 IAQ measuring instrument. While the stand-alone data logger is carrying out the IAQ measurement, you can use the IAQ measuring instrument for measurements elsewhere

Smart, intuitive, practical: Measurement programs, measurement data management and operation
  • For error-free measurements in accordance with the standards: Smart, intuitive measurement menus and evaluation of readings provide optimum support for your measuring task. Use the measurement programs for standard-compliant measurements: HVAC grid measurement as per EN ISO 12599 and ASHRAE 111, PMV/PPD as per EN ISO 7730 and ASHRAE 55, draught and turbulence as per EN ISO 7730 and ASHRAE 55, WBGT measurement as per DIN 33403 and EN ISO 7243, NET measurement as per DIN 33403
  • Complete the measurement along with full documentation including photos, comments and your own logo at the customer’s premises, and send by e-mail (via WLAN)
  • Customer and measuring point management is carried out on the measuring instrument itself – for efficient work on site.
  • Smart-touch display for intuitive operation of the IAQ measuring instrument
  • testo DataControl PC software for further analysis, archiving and documentation of measurement data on your computer
  • Built-in WLAN and Bluetooth® interfaces: Send measurement reports directly on site or print them out with a suitable printer



testo 400主机,含通用型仪器箱,testo DataControl分析软件,硅胶连接软管,USB充电电源,出厂报告。





  • 高精度、不受位置限制的集成式差压传感器,用于按标准进行环境测量的智能且直观的测量程序,可现场创建文件,通过邮件发送记录报告,可与环境探头灵活组合


  • 通风系统测量:内置根据 EN ISO 12599和 ASHRAE 111 设置测量程序进行通风管道,风口及过滤器的风速风量测量
  • 舒适度评估:根据 EN ISO 7730和 ASHRAE 55 设置测量程序进行紊流度 测量, 根据DIN 33403 设置测量程序进行NET测量, 根据EN ISO 7730和ASHRAE 55设置测量程序进行PMV/PPD测量,根据DIN 33403 和 EN ISO 7243设置测量程序进行WBGT测量
  • 高标准洁净室及实验室应用: 高洁净通风橱柜的风速检测,压差测量以及洁净室的层流风速,温湿度检测