testo 400 Comfort Kit - for comfort professionals in high performance buildings

Order-Nr.  0563 0409

  • A measuring instrument for all climate-related parameters

  • Measurement assistant for PMV/PPD measurement and determination of draft rates

  • Optional IAQ data logger available for long-term IAQ measurements independently of the instrument

  • Finish reports either directly on site or later at a PC

  • Compatible with a wide variety of probes, and testo Smart Probes for all your comfort measurement needs


Product Description

Ideal for Commissioning and IAQ investigation professionals

Details on kit components

  • testo 400 - Universal Air Flow and IAQ Instrument

    Order-Nr. 0560 0400

    • A measuring instrument for all climate-related parameters

    • Smart, intuitive measurement programs including HVAC grid measurement as per EN ISO 12599 and ASHRAE 111, PMV/PPD and turbulence as per EN ISO 7730 and ASHRAE 55

  • Turbulence probe (digital) - wired

    Order-Nr. 0628 0152

    • Intuitive: clearly structured measurement menu for determining the degree of turbulence and draught risk according to EN ISO 7730 / ASHRAE 55

    • Precise: compact probe for measuring air velocity and air temperature – high-precision, even at low air velocities

  • Lux probe (digital) - for measuring illuminance, wired

    Order-Nr. 0635 0551

    • Intuitive: clearly structured measurement menu for long-term measurement and determination of illuminance according to the V-lambda curve (suitable for all common light sources)

    • Precise: standard-compliant accuracy according to DIN EN 13032-1 and class C according to DIN 5032-7

  • Humidity/temperature probe (digital) - with Bluetooth®

    Order-Nr. 0636 9731

    • Intuitive: clearly structured measurement menu for long-term measurement and parallel determination of the relative humidity and air temperature in indoor areas

    • Precise: calculation of wet bulb temperature, dew point and absolute humidity

Delivery Scope

  • testo 400 universal instrument (0560 0400)
  • Transport case for comfort measurement (0516 1400)
  • Power supply with USB cable (0554 1106)
  • Turbulence probe (Wired) (0628 0152)
  • Lux probe (0635 0551)
  • Temperature / Humidity probe with Bluetooth® (0636 9731)
  • testo DataControl software

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USB mains unit, including cable

Order Number: 0554 1106

Sensor heads


Air flow and IAQ measurements in the field of air conditioning and ventilation

  • Air flow measurements: Flow measurements in ducts, at outlets and on filters as per ASHRAE 111
  • High-precision, location-independent and built-in differential pressure sensor, smart and intuitive measurement programs for IAQ measurements in accordance with the standards, creation of documentation on site, e-mailing of reports, versatile combination options with IAQ probes
  • Measurements in laboratories and cleanrooms: Flow measurements in fume cupboards, differential pressure measurements and laminar flow measurements in cleanrooms, humidity measurements in cleanrooms
  • Comfort level measurements: Measurement of indoor air quality or turbulence as per ASHRAE 55, NET measurement as per DIN 33403, PMV/PPD as per ASHRAE 55